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    “You Can’t Even Make Cars That Don’t Explode” – Twitter Trolls Elon Musk For His Extravagant Claim

    Elon Musk has consistently ruled the headlines for his bizarre tweets related to his personal and professional life for quite a long time. But among everything, his love for setting a colony on Mars has always stood out. His dedication to getting the Mars project has gradually turned into an obsession.

    Previously, Musk indicated that his SpaceX ship will land on Mars in 2029, even though the project still couldn’t cross the development stages. But a recent statement of the Tesla tycoon regarding the matter has created another controversy. Some people are taking it as an amusement, whereas others are trolling the entrepreneur left, right, and center.

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    Elon Musk Tweets About His Mars Dreams

    Elon Musk
    Elon Musk

    Elon Musk has often mentioned his wish to reach Mars, though his project concerning the dream is still developing. Recently, his Mars project moved a step closer to reality as the US government concluded an environmental review of SpaceX’s giant, futuristic Starship designed for the Red Planet. It somehow filled the SpaceX honcho with hopes. His last tweet read, “Humanity will reach Mars” in our lifetime.

    The business mogul has shared his thought regarding the importance of goals to maintain humanity. He discussed that without having a common goal, humanity can never be established.

    He shed light on the fact that these global projects are the thread that connects the whole globe together for a noble reason. He mentioned the way, the Moon project brought the entire planet together, that way project to occupy Mars can define unity once again. In a series of tweets, he said that the moon brought humanity together in 1969, and “Mars can do that in the future.

    Twitterati Roasts Musk Brutally

    Fans have a mixed reaction to Musk's tweet
    Fans have a mixed reaction to Musk’s tweet

    The controversial tweets by Elon Musk have no doubt caught the attention of millions of his followers out there. They took no time to lash out at the business mogul for his unrealistic dreams. Many even made of him.

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