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    Watch: Courteney Cox Channels Her ‘Friends’ Character Monica Geller In A Hilarious Video Featuring Humid Miami Hair

    Courteney Cox, best known for her character Monica Geller on the iconic sitcom ‘Friends‘ has had several memorable scenes on the show. Among the scenes that still highly resonate with her fans and make audiences laugh is when she gets extremely frizzy hair because of the humidity in Barbados during a vacation.

    Bringing the hilarious scene back, the actress is channeling Monica Geller in her latest Instagram post. Cox took to Instagram on Wednesday to show how Miami’s humidity has taken a toll on her hair. Here’s all about the hilarious post.

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    Courteney Cox Complains About Humidity In Miami In Hilarious Instagram Post

    Still from 'Friends'
    Still from ‘Friends’

    Courteney Cox recently shared a fun Instagram video from her trip to Miami as she put her impeccable sense of humor on display while also creating nostalgia for the fans of her beloved sitcom role in ‘Friends‘. The 59-year-old actress tried to give her audiences a glimpse of how the humidity in Miami has affected he hair, as she recalled something similar happening to her character Monica Geller in Barbados. 

    The Instagram video posted by the actress starts with Cox indoors, her hair looking sleek and perfectly tamed. She cheerfully declares, “I love Miami!” as she opens a door and steps out onto a patio. Instantly, her hair transforms into thick, frizzy curls, just like Monica’s infamous hairstyle caused because of humidity. To top off the transformation, Cox mouths one of Monica’s famous lines, “It’s the humidity!

    The insinuated joke in the post is in reference to a hilarious turn of events in the season 9 episode of ‘Friends’ titled ‘The One in Barbados Part 1′. The lead gang of friends on the show travels to the Caribbean for a vacation in this episode. Because of the extreme humidity, Monica’s hair grow bigger and frizzier, while her friends end up teasing her. Frustrated, Monica exclaims, “It’s the humidity!”

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    ‘Friends’ Fans Flood Courteney Cox’s Comments Section With A Nod To Her Joke

    Still from 'Friends'
    Still from ‘Friends’

    Courteney Cox’s Instagram joke resonated quite well with her ‘Friends‘ fans as many of them flooded the comments section with delightful reactions. Many of them gave references to the classic episode, with one fan writing, “that’s not true. I came with Monica, I’m leaving with Weird Al.” Another one added, “ARE YOU LEAVING THE SUPREMES?”

    This is not the first time that Cox has POKED fun at her characters’ hairstyles. In January, she posted an Instagram video reacting to some of her most memorable looks over the years. The clip showed someone approaching her wearing a sweatshirt adorned with a photo of her ‘Scream 3′ character, Gale Weathers, with baby bangs.

    In the video, Cox jokingly reacted saying, “What is that? Don’t wear that sweatshirt. The bangs? Come on. That’s ridiculous. It’s embarrassing.” The video further continues with Cox coming across a construction crew wearing sweatshirts with her characters’ hairdos, including Monica’s notorious humidity hair. She quickly retreats and closes the tarp behind her, as eerie music plays.

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