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    Watch: Kim Kardashian Slammed For Saying “Free Everybody” In Response To Protestor’s Call For “Free Palestine” Amid War

    The end of the ongoing Israel-Palestine war is not in sight as thousands have lost their lives. With the Rafah border next on Israel’s target, there’s practically nowhere left to go for the Palestinians running for their lives. As the genocide continues with the world watching quietly, protesters are often seen speaking up against the injustice at public events.

    During one such event attended by Kim Kardashian, a protestor shouting “Free Palestine” was met with an unexpected response from the reality TV star. The model and businesswoman has thus found herself in yet another controversy with many condemning her remarks. Here’s what she said.

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    Kim Kardashian Says She Empathizes With Both Israel And Palestine As War Rages

    Kim Kardashian at Met Gala 2024
    Kim Kardashian at Met Gala 2024

    Kim Kardashian has found herself mired in yet another controversy because of a statement she made about the ongoing Israel-Palestine war during her attendance at the OMR business festival in Germany. The Skims founder was in Hamburg on Tuesday, slated to speak about digital and marketing trade. However, a pro-Palestine protester at the event sparked a viral moment.

    In a video from the OMR event, the protester can be heard passionately shouting calls for Palestine’s freedom. The protester is heard shouting “Free Palestine” in the video, to which Kardashian responds with “Free everybody.”

    After his show of resistance, the protestor was escorted out of the venue by the security officials present there. However, Kardashian’s response to him created a buzz in the stadium housing about 7,000 attendees.

    After the incident, Kim addressed the crowd and clarified that she holds sympathy for both the people of Israel and those in Palestine suffering from the repercussions of the bloody war. “I sympathise with the people of Israel and with those in Palestine. I sympathise with everybody. All we want is for everyone to feel safe and free,” she said

    Feel safe. And be good people and treat them in the same respectful way you want to be treated. These are definitely scary times,” the reality TV star added.

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    Internet Slams Kim Kardashian For Her Neutrality Over The Israel-Palestine War

    Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian

    Internet was quick to react to her response as the video of the incident went viral on social media. Many questioned the neutrality of her stance even though several celebrities have actively spoken up against the killing of Palestinians every passing minute as Israel refuses to accept any and all requests for a ceasefire.

    LOL this is such a Kardashian response,” a user said in the comments section of the video posted on Twitter. “She to scared to pick a side,” a second one chimed in.

    The difference between Palestinians and everybody is that everybody is not being brutally slaughtered every day. That’s the reality for Palestine,” one user pointed out. Some others blamed her for failing to see the real picture of the war because of her privilege.

    No Kim it’s Free Palestine…you are free, no one is dropping bombs on your city and killing babies in your city because they will grow up and resist an occupying apartheid state. So it is Free Palestine,” a user wrote in the comments section. “Aren’t a lot of us free already? Like what does that even mean?” another person questioned.

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