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    Kim Kardashian Discusses Criminal Justice Reform With Vice President Kamala Harris At The White House

    Kim Kardashian is not just a successful TV personality, but a woman who knows how to stay in the spotlight. Right from her feuds, her questionable fashion choices, to her unconventional business ideas to her recent venture as an actress, Kim knows how to turn heads and stay relevant.

    While she has tried her hands at almost everything that a successful celebrity might be expected to do, many still remain unaware of her significant activism for US prisoners. Kim has overdone herself by being a ray of hope for many subjected to legal punishments they did not deserve. Honing her importance in the arena further, Kim recently visited the White House for the second time. Here’s what her visit was about.

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    Vice President Kamala Harris Thanks Kim Kardashian For Her Activism For US Prisoners

    Kim Kardashian in 'AHS'
    Kim Kardashian in ‘AHS’

    Kim Kardashian returned to the White House after over four years since her last visit there to meet with then-President Donald Trump. This Thursday, Kim participated in a roundtable discussion on criminal justice reform. The actress was seated alongside some of the most consequential people in America including Vice President Kamala Harris, White House public engagement director Steve Benjamin, and some recently pardoned former inmates among others.

    Other than being a huge name in the entertainment industry and a successful businesswoman, Kim Kardashian has long been a significant part of activism for prisoners in the U.S. In her opening remarks, Vice President Kamala Harris thanked Kardashian for her contribution.

    I want to thank Kim for your advocacy and for using your platform in a way that has really lifted up the importance of talking about and being dedicated to second chances,” Harris said in a YouTube video of the meeting shared by the White House.

    During the roundtable discussion, Kim Kardashian and Kamala Harris talked about the reality TV star’s efforts to lobby former President Donald Trump to grant clemency to incarcerated people. The SKIMS founder had made headlines in 2018 after she successfully campaigned for the pardon of Alice Marie Johnson, a woman serving a life sentence for a first-time nonviolent drug offense.

    Thereafter, she also extended her advocacy to other cases across the country, including advocating for stays of execution for inmates on death row.

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    “I’m Here To Help And Spread The Word”: Kim Kardashian Addresses Former Pardoned Inmates At The White House

    Kim Kardashian\
    Kim Kardashian

    Addressing the newly pardoned panelists, Kim Kardashian said, “I am super honored to be here to hear your stories today and I think it’s so important to share them and amplify them because there are so many people that are in your position that could use the inspiration. I’m just here to help and spread the word.”

    Speaking about her activism, Kardashian also revealed how it inspired her to pursue law. She said it was her first clemency meeting in the same room that inspired her journey years ago.

    It was actually in this very room that I was in years ago, my first clemency meeting, that really inspired me to take a journey,” Kardashian said. “I didn’t know a whole lot, and I was inspired to go to law school and really further my education to see what I can do to help.”

    In May 2019, Kardashian announced that she was studying for the bar exam. She was highly inspired by her late father Robert Kardashian, who was known for his involvement in high-profile legal cases. In December of the same year, she also revealed that she had passed the “baby bar” exam.

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