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    Netflix Edits Out Kim Kardashian Getting Booed By Audience At Tom Brady Roast

    Kim Kardashian has seemingly taken to heart the unwelcoming gesture by the audiences at the recent Netflix Live show, ‘The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady‘. The reality TV star appeared calm and graceful as the audience booed during her entrance on the stage at the event. She even made some great jokes about the Brady as part of the drill.

    However, she seems to have pulled some strings to hide the humiliation it caused her. Here’s what the spotlight queen Kim Kardashian has done for damage control.

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    Netflix’s Attempt At Damage Control After Kim Kardashian’s Humiliating Plight At Tom Brady’s Roast

    Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady
    Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady

    After Kim Kardashian was booed during her entrance at the Tom Brady roast hosted by Netflix, the streaming platform discreetly edited out the uncomfortable moments. While she appeared graceful while approaching the dais to give a toast, Kim faced a barrage of boos from the audience.

    During the live broadcast of ‘The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady‘ on Sunday, Kardashian did not get a warm welcome even as she tried her best to ignore the negativity and deliver her set. When she began to make a joke about Tom Brady’s height, the audience started booing louder.

    I know a lot of people make fun of your height,” she said before trying to push through the moment. The audience got louder, leading her to take a pause from her joke and address the feedback. “Alright, alright, alright,” she said while awkwardly laughing.

    Though she continued her roast afterward, the air was thick with tension and embarrassment for the reality TV star.

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    Kim Kardashian Held Grace Despite The Disrespect At Tom Brady’s Roast

    Kim Kardashian and Jeff Ross
    Kim Kardashian and Jeff Ross

    As the dust seems to have settled up a bit now, Netflix has chosen to remove a portion of the jeers. The platform also cut out some of Kardashian’s segments in the version of the show available for streaming.

    The streaming giant has, however, made no official comment about the edits. Kim Kardashian’s representatives have refrained from commenting on the matter. Despite the insulting reception, Kim was seen holding grace during the event as she seemed unfazed and carried on with her roast.

    The SKIMS founder made jokes about several things including the rumors around her and Brady’s relationship. “I’d never say if we did or not. I’d just release the tape,” she said, while also quipping that Brady’s features are similar to that of her former stepparent, Caitlyn Jenner.

    Tom Brady’s roast caused quite a stir for several reasons. Other than the embarrassment that Kim Kardashian faced, Brady himself was subjected to some controversial jokes about his ex-wife and their marriage. Though he seemed to have sat calmly all through the show, his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen has expressed disappointment over the “disrespectful” nature of the jokes made during the roast and how they may affect their two children.

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