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    “Don’t Say That Sh*t Again”: Watch Tom Brady Get Angry Over Jeff Ross’s “Massage” Joke About Patriots Owner Robert Kraft

    Netflix’s recent live special ‘The Roast of Tom Brady was a rollercoaster ride for Tom Brady who had to endure all sorts of jokes on his personal and professional life. Though he also made the best of his chance to mock some celebrities at his own will, the roasts that targeted him were more than brutal.

    There were instances when the camera zoomed in on Brady and he looked fairly uncomfortable when some sensitive topics were fiddled with as part of the roast. Though he endured most of it, some jokes that Jeff Ross made against him seemingly got to Brady as he got up in anger and asked Ross to avoid making such comments. Here’s what struck the nerve.

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    Jeff Ross Signals At Something Funny Going On Between Tom Brady And His Team Owner

    Tom Brady
    Tom Brady

    Netflix’s ‘The Roast of Tom Brady’ was laden with mocking remarks against NFL star Tom Brady. He was not spared some brutal jokes about both his personal and professional life. While Kevin Hart was ruthless while mocking his divorce from supermodel Gisele Bündchen and her subsequent affair with her karate coach, some others also chimed in to mock several aspects of his life.

    Hardy was calm enough to sit in the audience and watch his entire life and some of his greatest tragedies be turned into jokes. However, he lost it when Jeff Ross made a controversial joke about Tom Brady and Robert Kraft, the owner of his team, the New England Patriots.

    Introduced as the roastmaster by host Kevin Hart, Jeff Ross made a dramatic entrance on the stage. To set the tone of his sharp-witted performance on the show, Ross came wearing a No. 32 football jersey emblazoned with “Roast J Simpson“. “If the gloves don’t fit, you must talk shit,” Ross said as he took over the dais.

    Jeff Ross started his gig by mocking Brady’s career, as he recounted Brady’s draft experience and his rookie days. “He sat there for days, waiting and waiting, and then you were finally picked in the sixth round when Bill Belichick’s dog stepped on the keyboard by accident,” Ross joked.

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    Angry Tom Brady Makes Jeff Ross Nervous After A Misfired Joke

    Tom Brady and Jeff Ross on 'The Roast of Tom Brady'
    Tom Brady and Jeff Ross on ‘The Roast of Tom Brady’

    Jeff Ross further recounted a moment when Tom Brady told the team owner Robert Kraft, “I’m the best decision your organization has ever made,” as the audience erupted into applause. Ross then delivered the punchline, “Would you like a massage?”, with reference to Kraft’s past controversy involving soliciting prostitution.

    This seemingly tipped Brady off though he was calmly listening to all the mockery patiently till then. Looking visibly uncomfortable, Brady got up and reached out to Ross at the podium. He went to whisper something in his ear, but it was loud enough to be heard on the microphone. “Don’t say that shit again,” Brady told Ross in an attempted whisper.

    OK, OK,” Ross nervously responded. “He’s having fun, look at him. I love what you do for the Jews, Robert Kraft. You’re incredible,” Ross said, trying to lighten the mood. The camera then zoomed in on Kraft laughing in the audience.

    Ross and Brady later shared a hug on stage, signaling that all was forgiven. ‘the Roast Of Tom Brady’ is available for streaming on Netflix.

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