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    Watch: Robin Williams Befriends Koko The Gorilla In His Heartwarming Style Who Eventually Mourned The Actor’s Death

    It is really special when we find friends in unexpected places. Hollywood veteran actor Robin Williams found a friend in an intelligent gorilla named Koko when he visited the Gorilla Foundation in California. The Good Will Hunting‘ actor visited the center in 2001 and became friends with Koko. 

    Koko, the gorilla knew 1,000 gestures and understood about 2,000 words. Koko even showed her sadness when she received the news of Williams’ death in 2014. Watch the adorable video where Williams interacts with Koko as if they are old friends. 

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    Robin Williams Found A Friend In Koko

    Robin Williams and Koko
    Robin Williams and Koko

    The Dead Poets Society’ actor is not only known for his incredible acting skills but also for his big heart. He had the ability to make anybody laugh. And it seems that it also included a gorilla. When Robin visited the Gorilla Foundation in California in 2001, he met Koko, a very intelligent gorilla.

    Williams was an ambassador for Great Ape conservation. After his death, Dr Patterson from the foundation shared, “Robin’s ability to just ‘hang out’ with Koko, a gorilla, and in minutes become one of her closest friends, was extraordinary and unforgettable.” During the 2001 meet, Koko felt so comfortable with Williams that she pulled his glasses off his face and tried them on. 

    Koko also picked her new friend’s pocket, producing his wallet and rifling through it. Williams and Koko laughed, tickled each other, and hugged like old friends. Near the end of their meeting, she kissed Williams’ hand and pulled him in for a big hug.

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    Koko Was Visibly Upset After Getting The News Of Robin Williams’ Death

    Robin Williams hugs Koko
    Robin Williams hugs Koko

    The news of Robin Williams’ death was heartbreaking for the entire world. And even Koko was left feeling sad at the loss of a dear friend. Dr Patterson wrote on her blog how Koko overheard her talking on the phone about Williams’ death. “She became extremely sad,” Patterson wrote. 

    When Dr. Patterson told Koko that “we lost a dear friend, Robin Williams.” Koko wrote “I CRY LIP” pulled away and “became very gloomy, bowing her head and shivering her lips.” This really shows how much even animals understand and feel emotions at a deep level. It is truly bewildering how beautiful a bond Koko and Robin shared. 

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