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    “We Could Always Say It Was A Prank”: Anya Taylor-Joy Reveals Secret New Orleans Elopement On April Fool’s Day 2022 With Her Now Husband Malcolm McRae

    Anya Taylor-Joy, the captivating actress who stole hearts in ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ and recently battled Bowser in ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie,’ surprised fans with a delightful revelation. Her marriage in itself was a super secretive affair.

    So, her revealing more secrets has her fans excited. In a recent Instagram post, Taylor-Joy disclosed that she secretly eloped with her musician beau, Malcolm McRae, in a whimsical ceremony on April Fool’s Day, 2022! 

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    Anya-Taylor Joy And Malcolm McRae Choosing April Fools Day For Their Wedding Was Planned

    Malcom McRae and Anya Taylor-Joy
    Malcolm McRae and Anya Taylor-Joy

    The news of her elopement sent a wave of joy through her fans, many expressing well wishes and amusement at the playful timing of the nuptials. Taylor-Joy’s caption on her Instagram post perfectly captured the lighthearted spirit of the elopement. “Two years ago today I secretly married my best friend in New Orleans. The magic of that day is ingrained in every cell of my being. Happy (second) first anniversary my love! You’re the coolest.” 

    The image accompanying the post showcased a montage of wedding day moments. Taylor-Joy looked radiant in a vintage-style gown, her happiness palpable. Another photo displayed a unique, anatomically correct heart-shaped cake. The location shrouded in secrecy until now, was revealed to be the vibrant city of New Orleans. 

    Choosing April Fool’s Day as their wedding date wasn’t just a playful gesture; it held a deeper meaning. In an interview, Taylor-Joy confessed, “We were just real romantics at heart. We thought it would be fun and rebellious, and if anyone questioned it, we could always say it was a prank.” This lighthearted approach reflects the couple’s genuine connection and their desire to celebrate their love on their own terms.

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    Who Is Malcolm McRae?

    Malcom McRae and Anya Taylor-Joy
    Malcom McRae and Anya Taylor-Joy

    Anya Taylor-Joy’s husband, Malcolm McRae, isn’t just basking in her reflected spotlight. This 29-year-old musician is carving his own path in the world of music and acting. He was discovered in a talent competition as a teen actor at 12. Though acting took a backseat, his musical passion never faded. 

    Additionally, McRae rocks out with his two-person band, ‘More’ alongside former Portugal. Their sound blends genres, a mix of rock, pop, and folk, showcasing McRae’s diverse musicality. Fans can’t wait to see what the band cooks up next, especially with McRae’s infectious enthusiasm on stage. While details about his acting career are hush-hush, his past credits hint at a charming screen presence.

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