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    “What A F**king Little Pathetic Man”: Billie Eilish Details A “Crazy” Dating Experience Of Getting Ghosted By Someone She’d “Known For Years”

    Billie Eilish often makes it to headlines for reasons other than her music. With her recent statements, she has clarified how even she is not immune to dating disasters. The 22-year-old pop sensation revealed what went wrong with her last romantic relationship during an episode of the BBC podcast ‘Miss Me?

    Billie Eilish was chatting with hosts Lily Allen and Miquita Oliver when the topic turned to ghosting. The Hit me hard and soft‘ singer revealed that a celebrity like herself is also prone to the concept of ghosting in modern-day relationships. Here’s what she said. 

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    “I Couldn’t Believe It”: Billie Eilish Details How She Got Ghosted

    Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish

    Giving her fans an insight into her recent relationship failure, Billie Eilish revealed that even she has been ghosted by someone she recently dated. “I had a crazy ghosting happen actually this December. It was insane,” she said.

    Eilish has had her share of low-key romances with rapper Brandon “Q” Adams, actor Matthew Tyler Vorce, and ‘The Neighbourhood‘s Jesse Rutherford, among others. The streak seemingly continues, as she revealed that the recent ghosting incident was “probably the craziest one that’s ever happened to me.”

    The ‘What Was I Made For?’ star jokingly asked herself, “Did you die? Did you literally die?” Further detailing what happened, she noted, “It was somebody that I’d also known for years and had a plan, day of, on the phone, making a plan, this is my address, be there at 3 — never heard from him again. Ever. I couldn’t believe it.”

    I was like, ‘What a f—ing little pathetic man. What a tiny little man.’ It was literally unbelievable. To this day, never texted me again,” she added. Adding further, Eilish noted, “I did see that he was dating someone. And I was like, ‘Oh’. I didn’t know people still did that. I genuinely didn’t know people did that.”

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    Billie Eilish On Her Past Relationship With Jesse Rutherford

    Billie Eilish

    This is not the first time Billie Eilish has spoken about her relationships. Eilish recently had a conversation with Rolling Stone, where she opened up about her split from ex-boyfriend Jesse Rutherford. “That’s my guy, truly one of my favorite people in the world,” she said.

    The couple dated for less than a year, and confirmed their split in May 2023. After the heartbreak, Eilish declared to Rolling Stone, “I plan on never dating again.”

    However, she quickly added, “That’s not true, obviously. But no, I don’t see myself being serious with anyone until I find someone that really feels right to me, and that is not interesting to me right now.”

    She also recently opened up as queer, clarifying that she has always been attracted to women as well.

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