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    What Is Stiff-Person Disorder, The Rare Disease Celine Dion Suffers From?

    We all know and love the voice behind the iconic song ‘My Heart Will Go On‘. But did you know that Celine Dion suffers from a rare neurological disorder? The singer is known for her mesmerizing and magical voice and has been named as the ‘Queen of Pop’ many times. 

    However, today we will take a look into the neurological disorder she has been battling for quite some time now. The singer revealed her struggles to her fans and good wishes are pouring in from all over the world. 

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    What’s The Update On Celine Dion’s Health?

    Céline Dion fans also criticized the Rolling Stone list
    Céline Dion

    In a recent Instagram post, Celine Dion shared an emotional video that describes her health problems. In the video, Celine is visibly distraught and says, “I have been battling with health issues for a long time, and it’s been incredibly tough for me to confront these obstacles and speak about all that I’ve gone through.”

    The video has been released in both French and English. Celine continued to say that she has been diagnosed with stiff-person disorder. A rare disease that affects the muscles.

    Celine also told her fans that because of this she had to cancel her European tour in February. The singer will be rescheduling the tour for when her health is better. 

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    All About Stiff-Person Disorder

    Celine Dion talks about her health problems

    The National Institute of Neurological Disorders describes ‘Stiff-Person Disorder’ as a rare neurological disorder that affects the muscles mainly. People suffering from the disease have stiff muscles in the trunk, arms, and legs. They also develop greater sensitivity to noise, touch, and emotional distress. 

    This might also give rise to muscle spasms which can be very painful. Over time, the disease can also lead to deformity and one can be unable to move. Sadly, those suffering from the disorder are afraid to leave their homes because of the street noises that can trigger muscle spasms.   

    Since it is an auto-immune disorder, there is not quite an official treatment for the disease. By taking medications, doing exercise and maintaining a proper lifestyle we can decrease or keep the symptoms under control. 

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