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    What Is Vaginal Prolapse, The Medical Condition That Shocked Jennifer Garner?

    Recently one of the biggest Hollywood stars found out something unusual that shocked her very much. When ‘13 Going on 30‘ star Jennifer Garner heard about vaginal prolapse she was stunned.

    She shared her reaction in an interview with Allure. So what does she have to say and what is happening? And, what exactly does her diagnosis mean? Let’s take a look.

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    Jennifer Garner’s Health Condition

    Jennifer Garner

    The ‘Dallas Buyers Club‘ star has shared her story in a recent interview. Garner, who is 51 years old, learned about vaginal prolapse from her doctor, and she is shocked. After having three kids with ex-husband Ben Affleck, she may develop vaginal prolapse later on. 

    Jennifer Garner spoke to Allure magazine and said, “I just learned that our vaginas may collapse. I saw my OB this week and she gave me a pamphlet about vaginal collapse. I’m like: ‘When? Is it imminent? Do I need to put it on my calendar? What is happening? It’s a thing.” Safe to say she is stunned and worried after learning about vaginal prolapse. But what is it and should you be worried too?

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    What Is Vaginal Prolapse?

    When Garner was asked if vaginal prolapse was the same thing as when peeing while sneezing, this is what she said, “No, that’s not collapse. Collapse is like you can’t have sex because you can’t get in there because it’s collapsed on itself.”

    However, both of them are quite wrong when it comes to the real meaning of this disease. Like many of the other reproductive organs, the vagina also lies in the pelvis and has to be supported by strong muscles and tendons to prevent it from falling out. The vagina or the birth canal connects the uterus to the outside. This is the canal from where babies are born. Vaginal prolapse is a medical condition that occurs when the top of the vagina weakens and falls into the vaginal canal.

    This usually occurs due to various reasons. Mainly the pelvic floor muscles start to weaken over time and cannot support the structures anymore. This leads to prolapse. People who have experienced multiple births through the vagina are at higher risk for this condition. 

    Vaginal prolapse is a very common condition and most women have faced this problem later on in their lives. People assigned females at birth are at higher risk. 

    So if you have a feeling of fullness, heaviness or pain in your vagina or feel like something is slipping out of your vagina then do give your gynecologist a visit. Do not worry, vaginal prolapse is very much treatable and can heal completely. 

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