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    What Is Zendaya’s Last Name? Why Doesn’t The Actress Use It?

    When Zendaya was just 12 years old, her professional life began. Before performing on Disney Channel and participating in music videos, she was a model. 2011 saw the release of her debut song, and 2012 saw the release of her debut motion picture. She is now well-known worldwide thanks to her roles in popular films and television shows including ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ and ‘Euphoria.’ 

    As a rising superstar who stays in news for her brilliant performances along with her personal life. The 26-year-old actress has been dating actor Tom Holland for quite some time now and fans love to keep up with the Spidey couple. A lot of fans are also curious about Zendaya’s last name as not many know that she has one, let alone know what it is. 

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    Zendaya’s Last Name And All The History Behind It 


    Believe it or not, the 26-year-old former Disney Channel star does have a last name. She was the lone child of Claire Marie Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu, who reclaimed his African name after he was born Samuel David Coleman. Her full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. But Zendaya has always been her exclusive stage name. The actress explained to Allure in December 2016 that she simply preferred the sound of the one-word stage name when asked why she decided to eliminate her last name. “I [dropped my last name because I] just thought it was cool, like Cher or Prince,” she explained. Later in a conversation with Teen Vogue about the pronunciation of her name she said, “I think a lot of people see my name and think it’s more fancy than it is. They think Zendaya like papaya. It’s just day.” 

    Even though Zendaya dropped the rest of her name, she still values her name’s rich history and the magnificent and distinctive heritage of her family. “I have my African first name, I have a middle name that is my mom’s middle name, which is French, but we did it African spelling, so it’s literally me in a name,” she revealed to Us Weekly. “And then you have Stoermer, and then you have Coleman. I literally have, like, a timeline in history in my name.” Zendaya’s full name combines components from both of her continents of origin, Africa and Germany. 

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    Zendaya Makes History At Emmys 2022


    She won her second award for ‘Euphoria’, making her the youngest main actress to win the Outstanding Actress in Drama Series award twice. Zendaya is the first Black woman and the youngest actress to ever win two Emmys for lead acting in a drama series at the age of 26. In addition, if ‘Euphoria’ would have won the award for Outstanding Drama Series, Zendaya, who is an executive producer on the program, could have held the record for being the youngest producer winner. She was also nominated twice this year for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics because she co-wrote the lyrics of Euphoria’s tunes ‘Elliot’s Song’ and ‘I’m Tired.’ 

    For her major role in ‘Euphoria’, Zendaya won her first Emmy in 2020, breaking the previous record for the youngest Drama Actress. The actress outperformed other Emmy nominees this year, including Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh from ‘Killing Eve’, Laura Linney from ‘Ozark’, Melanie Lynskey from ‘Yellowjackets’, and Reese Witherspoon from ‘The Morning Show.’

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