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    Who Is Priscilla Presley’s Son Navarone Garibaldi Garcia? How Did He Find Out About His Dad’s Secret Past?

    Priscilla Presley‘s son Navarone Garibaldi Garcia hit the spotlight after the demise of Lisa Marie Presley. Lisa was the only daughter of Priscilla and Elvis Presley. At the age of 35, she passed away suffering from a heart attack on January 12, 2023. It was after her passing that Garibaldi opened up about his family.

    Despite having a famous mother, Navarone Garibaldi always stayed away from the spotlight, avoiding the media until recently. After divorcing Elvis Presley in 1973, Priscilla Presley gave birth to Navarone with her then-partner Marco Garibaldi. It was only after their split that Navarone became close to his father, Marco Garibaldi. But, there was a secret about his dad that haunts Navarone.

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    All About Navarone Garibaldi Garcia

    Son of Elvis’s ex-wife, Priscilla Presley, and producer Marco Garibaldi, Navarone Garibaldi Garcia opened up about his family at his step-sister’s wake. Growing up he was kept away from the spotlight and brought up in a way no one can imagine. In an interview with People, he said, “There is a misconception that I was raised extravagantly with Elvis’ estate and money… That wasn’t the case.” He further said he often got into a lot of trouble, since other children’s parents would like to talk to his famous mother.

    After being addicted to heroin and fentanyl in his teenage years, Navarone moved to Santa Cruz, leaving behind his addiction and Los Angeles. Santa Cruz was a fresh start for him, as he started a synth-rock band, Them Guns. While he was there, his parents decided to split after 20 years of being together, which eventually made him closer to his father. He explained, “The disciplinarian role didn’t work between us, but the friend role did. He wanted someone to go out drinking with.” Unfortunately, this bond did not survive long and hit an iceberg way too soon.

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    What Was The Secret That Ruined Navarone’s Relationship With His Dad?

    Navarone Garibaldi Garcia finally talked about his fentanyl addiction, his famous mother, and his father’s secret past, with the release of his song ‘Acid Plan‘. Only a few months after giving birth to Navarone, Priscilla received a questionable call from one of Marco Garibaldi’s ex-girlfriends, stating that “he is not what you think is”. Navarone revealed what his mother told him: “Don’t call here again”, as she did not know what to do with this information.

    Later in 2017, Navarone’s life hit a red light when he confirmed a few confidential details about his father. His investigation revealed that his father Marco Garibaldi was not the man he claimed to be – a wealthy Italian man. A distant cousin from Brazil got in touch with the musician. From the cousin, he learned that his father had come from Brazil and not Italy. He also changed his last name from Garcia to Garibaldi after being told he would never make it in Hollywood with a Hispanic last name. When Navarone confronted his father about this piece of information, Garibaldi told him, “Lose my number”. And that was the last time they spoke.

    However, Navarone is quite at peace. “I have zero regrets, as I lost one family member, but gained 20 in return,” he claimed.

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