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    Who Is Selena Vargas? Where Is She Now?

    Social media is an interesting place to be. In today’s day and age, the platform is filled with all sorts of content from all around the world. It could be informative, entertaining, obscure, infotainment, and many at times riddling. With the surge of Tik Tok, many have become a version of Sherlock Holmes solving mysteries around celebrities, conspiracy theories, and some personalities who are no more in the public eye. One such celebrity is Selena Vargas.

    Before the advent and surge of social media platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, and others, it was difficult to become “viral”. But, the adult film actress Selena Green Vargas managed to do so as early as 2015. After gaining popularity for all the wrong reasons, the internet sensation vanished from the face of social media. So, who is Selena Vargas? Where is she now post the controversy?

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    Who Is Selena Vargas?

    Selena Vargas
    Selena Vargas

    It is still a mystery where the internet personality who created a storm in 2015 vanished. But before diving into her controversy, let’s know who she is. Selena Green Vargas was a California native born on July 19th, 1990.

    She started in the industry as a model before becoming a p**n artist. The actress did not earn much credibility throughout her career apart from featuring in adult videos. But, the actress has 14 million views on one of the p**n sites.

    Till 2015, Selena was relatively unknown, but she went viral on the internet overnight due to one image. Back in 2015, an image surfaced on an image board forum 4chan. An anonymous user shared a picture of a US Navy Seal officer hugging the actress Selena Vargas.

    The user claimed that they have completed their training recently. They asked the netizens on the forum to rate their picture with the adult actress, who the person claimed was his girlfriend.  But, the picture did not go down well in the history of the internet.

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    Where Is She Now?

    The picture of Selena Vargas that went viral
    The picture of Selena Vargas that went viral

    When more and more people came across the picture, they were quick to recognize the girl from the adult videos. Many claims started surfacing on the internet. It varied from people being disinterested in the life of the person uploading the picture to people blaming Vargas for concealing her profession from the boyfriend. An eagle-eyed user dug a video of the actress from an adult site, where she was wearing the same outfit in the picture.

    Selena disappeared from the face of the internet after the picture started making rounds on the internet. No one knew who the uploader was behind the mysterious picture. But, Vargas is still active on social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok. However, she has made her accounts private on both platforms. Her username on Instagram is As of December 5th, 2022, she has 404 followers with 12 posts on Instagram.

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