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    Why Brad Pitt Believes Strippers Changed His Life

    Brad Pitt is the perfect Hollywood actor, serving both good looks and splendid acting. The 58-year-old actor is very passionate about acting and movies. Pitt felt that films were “a portal into different worlds,” which made him drop out of college, ditch his course on Journalism and take an uncertain road to California to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor.

    Brad Pitt’s dedication has led him to be one of the highest in-demand actors in Hollywood. He has films like, ‘The Fight Club’, ‘The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button,’ ‘Ad Astra,’ etc. to his credit. In the midst of acting and Hollywood dreams, the actor makes the statement, “Strippers changed my life.” Surprised? Well, here’s what happened.

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    Brad Pitt Reveals His Connection To Strippers 

    Brad Pitt shares stories from his early life when he had to drop off strippers as his job
    Brad Pitt

    When Pitt dropped college, he obviously had to give his parents a valid reason for his decision. So he told a lie. He made them believe that he was going to enroll at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He did move to California, but not for studies, of course.

    Stepping foot in the new city was an exciting moment for him. He recalled his experiences and said, “When I left Missouri I wasn’t ready to call it quits as far as getting out into the world. It wasn’t leaving something behind, it was heading for something that was nascent and ill-defined. I did not know what it would be when I got to L.A., and to me not knowing that has always been the most exciting thing about making a trip.” Moving to L.A. also meant that Pitt also had to make sure of his finances. Along with trying on his luck with acting, he was also doing part-time jobs. One of these jobs included driving a limousine and dropping off strippers at their destinations.

    Explaining his limousine driver’s job, he said, “My job was to drive them to bachelor parties and things. I’d pick them up, and at the gig I’d collect the money, play the bad Prince tapes and catch the girls’ clothes.” He also added that it was not a very happy experience for him. “It was not a wholesome atmosphere, and it got very depressing,” he shared.

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    The Life-Changing Incident That Came Out Of Driving Strippers 

    How strippers changed Brad Pitt's life and led him to global stardom
    Brad Pitt has won two Oscars

    As depressing and hard as it was, Pitt cannot deny that dropping off the strippers as his part-time job got him a great opportunity. Just when he was about to resign from it, a sparkling opportunity knocked at his door. He met a girl through the job, and she introduced him to Roy London’s acting classes, which got him numerous uncredited acting roles. It was indeed the jumpstart to his current global stardom. Signing up for Roy’s classes was one of Pitt’s best decisions, as he describes, “I sat in on a few classes, and they just felt a little guru-ish and just didn’t feel right to me. Until I met Roy, He was tough, lovely, compassionate, tough. I give him full credit for pointing me in this direction…I learned so much from that man. I miss him.”

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