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    Why Did Bugatti Ban Tom Cruise From Purchasing Their Cars?

    Luxury car brands have banned some celebrities from buying their cars. And some of these celebrities include Justin Bieber, the Kardashians, and Tom Cruise. One of the top-notch actors in Hollywood, Cruise is banned from purchasing and driving a Bugatti. And the incident regarding the ban dates back to 2006.

    The ‘Mission Impossible’ star is famous for his films with impossible stunts and nerve-wracking actions. Being one of the richest actors on the planet, the actor has a very large car collection. And it should not be difficult for the star to get hold of the latest luxury cars. However, Cruise wouldn’t be able to get his hands on Bugatti. Here’s the reason why the star has been banned from buying Bugatti.

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    Why Did Bugatti Ban Tom Cruise?

    Tom Cruise in a Bugatti Veyron at the 2006 'Mission Impossible 3' premiere
    Tom Cruise in a Bugatti Veyron at the 2006 ‘Mission Impossible 3’ premiere

    It was in 2006 that Tom Cruise appeared in a Bugatti at the premiere of his movie ‘Mission Impossible 3‘. He was accompanied by his then-wife Katie Holmes. The red carpet event had been important for the French car company too. But as the star tries to open the car door for his wife, he is unable to do so. Even after several attempts, the car door didn’t open. This created an embarrassing situation in front of millions of people and the media.

    This incident caused a rift between Cruise and Bugatti. Bugatti saw the incident as undermining their brand, finally banning the ‘Top Maverick’ actor from buying or driving the car. In addition, the mishap pointed out the car’s poor technicalities and it blamed Cruise. Disregarding the brand and putting the car in a bad light are the reasons that triggered the ban.

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    Other Celebrities Banned By Bugatti


    In 2006, the ‘American Made‘ actor had come to the premiere in a Bugatti Veyron. The $1 million automobile has a 16-cylinder engine and 1001 horsepower. The actor purchased the car in 2005. Though the 2006 premiere was the best platform for the brand’s better publicity, the events took an unexpected turn.

    Cruise is not the only celebrity to have a ban from Buggati. Music producer Simon Cowell, boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and F1 driver Jenson Button are all restricted from buying and driving Bugatti.

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