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    Why Did James Cameron Delete 10 Minutes Of Footage From ‘Avatar 2’?

    James Cameron-directed ‘Avatar: The Way of Water‘ has stormed the global box office. The sci-fi epic has been loved both by the audiences and the critics for its poignant message, visuals, and great action sequences involving guns and bullets.

    Recently, the filmmaker revealed that he removed around 10 minutes of footage from his three-hour-long film. The scene in question involved gun fights which Cameron didn’t want to include in the final cut. Let’s find out what he said about this scene.

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    James Cameron Removed 10 Minutes From ‘Avatar 2’

    Kate Winslet as Ronal in 'Avatar: The Way of Water'
    ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’

    Cameron is a skillful director when it comes to creating suspenseful and rooted action sequences in his films. However, over time, he has changed his perspective on gun-related action in films.

    In an interview with Esquire Middle East, Cameron revealed that he removed 10 minutes of footage featuring gun violence in ‘Avatar: The Way of Water.’ “I actually cut about 10 minutes of the movie targeting gunplay action,” he said.

    He said that he wanted to get rid of “some of the ugliness” in the story and strike a balance between light and dark. “Violence and action are the same thing, depending on how you look at it. This is the dilemma of every action filmmaker, and I’m known as an action filmmaker,” he added.

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    Cameron Doesn’t Want To “Fetishize” Guns

    James Cameron
    James Cameron

    The director who has made a career out of doing explosion chases scenes, and fight sequences, has a different perspective on the action, particularly involving guns.

    I don’t know if I would want to fetishize the gun, like I did on a couple of ‘Terminator’ movies 30-plus years ago, in our current world“, he said. He said whatever is happening with the guns in society “turns my stomach.”

    Cameron, who has been living in New Zealand with his family said he is happy living in that country since they banned all assault rifles after a mosque shooting.

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