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    Why Did Julia Roberts Become Estranged From Her Brother Eric Roberts? The Infamous Sibling Rivalry Explained

    Family conflicts are common in Hollywood, but only a few are as deep-rooted and intricate as the one between Julia Roberts and her brother Eric Roberts. Although both siblings have had prosperous careers in the film business, there has always been conflict and public arguments in their relationship.

    Julia and Eric Roberts’ conflict that dates back to their early professional years. The first one to achieve success was Eric, who was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in ‘Runaway Train‘. However, Eric battled personal troubles including drug addiction issues, while Julia’s career took off with hits like ‘Pretty Woman‘ and ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding‘. Resentment was sown by their paths diverging, especially on Eric’s end, who thought that his younger sister’s quick ascent eclipsed hers. Here’s all about the age-old sibling rift.

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    The Custody Battle That Broke the Camel’s Back Amid Roberts Sibling Rivalry

    Roberts Siblings
    Roberts Siblings

    In the 1990s, Eric Robert’s substance abuse problems became a significant point of contention. Julia, concerned for her brother’s well-being, reportedly tried to intervene, which Eric did not appreciate. The siblings’ clash over how to handle Eric’s issues was a pivotal moment, leading to a public and bitter fallout.

    Eric Roberts himself addressed the issue in an interview with Vanity Fair at the time, stating, “We all felt so protective of Julia all the time. But I was crazy about my baby sister. She was my baby, I loved her.

    The tension reached its peak during the custody battle for Eric’s daughter, Emma Roberts. Julia sided with Eric’s ex-girlfriend, Kelly Cunningham, further straining the sibling relationship. Eric then accused Julia of meddling in his personal affairs, and their estrangement became more pronounced.

    In a 2018 interview with People, Eric reflected, “There was a period when we didn’t talk for a while. I was exhausting to be around.

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    Can The Roberts Siblings Bury the Hatchet (And Not In Each Other)?

    Julia Roberts
    Julia Roberts

    Despite the rocky history, there have been attempts at reconciliation between Julia Roberts and brother Eric Roberts. In recent years, Eric has publicly expressed his desire to mend fences with Julia. Meanwhile, Julia has remained relatively quiet on the matter, preferring to keep family issues private.

    The question remains whether these famous siblings can truly reconcile. While Eric has made overtures, it’s unclear if Julia is ready to revisit the past and heal old wounds. The family’s complex dynamics, including Emma Roberts’ successful acting career, adds another layer of complications to their relationship.

    For the time being, the Roberts family drama serves as a moving reminder of the rifts that may form even among the closest of relatives when celebrity and personal hardships combine. Maybe in time, these scars will heal and the Roberts siblings will be able to get along once more.

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