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    Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock Is New Trendy Tattoo Look

    Will smith smacking Chris Rock at Oscars 2022 is one of the biggest controversies in recent memory. Both stars are now looking to bury the hatchet as they return to their normal lives. Chris Rock has returned to stand-ups performing several shows. Will Smith has apologized so many times for the incident and would want to forget the incident. But, seems like this will not happen as tattoo artists all over the world are receiving weird requests. According to several famous tattoo makers, people are receiving the Oscars slap incident as permanent tattoos.

    Oscar Slapgate Is The New Tattoo Trend All Over The World

    Talking to the SWNS, Birmingham-based tattoo artist, Arton said, “I thought, let’s do it. It’s hilarious.” the 36-year-old tattoo maker further added, “It’s quite small and discreet – if it wasn’t I probably wouldn’t have done it.”

    In an interview with British radio station Heart, the tattoo artist revealed that it was maybe the weirdest tattoo request in his career so far. Arton said that in spite of the crazy request he obliged and tattoed the infamous scandal on the customer’s leg.
    Arton is not alone as other artists from all over the world are sharing their stories about the same requests.

    A tattoo artist named Oscar Aguilar Jr. Shared a video on his Instagram showing a tattoo of the scandalous moment. Above all that this tattoo frenzy started the very next day after the Oscars.

    The New Jersey resident received the most hilarious reactions on his Instagram post:

    Reacting to oscar’s post one user commented, “dude that was like 24 hours ago, people are really fast.” “Chris’ cheek is still throbbing and someone already got a tattoo,” commented another user.

    Italian tattoo artist, Giovanni Bracciodieta went a step further as he also added motion lines to the tattoo.

    After the oscar slap incident, Will has apologized to Chris Rock and The Academy. Although, The comedian did not press any charges against the actor and has said that the incident was one of the worst moments of his life.

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