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    “You Make Me Feel Very, Um, Excited”: When Bill Cosby Left Sofia Vergara Creeped Out With His Lewd Remarks

    Sofia Vergara has risen to fame over the years with her roles in productions like ‘Modern Family‘ and her latest show ‘Griselda‘. But while she was navigating her way through the glamour industry, she did not have it easy. Being a beautiful woman of color with a heavy accent, Sofia Vergara faced several uncomfortable situations as she climed her way to fame.

    One peculiar encounter she had with show host Bill Cosby more than two decades ago had put her in an extremely uncomfortable situation, though the actress handled it quite well. Back in 2003,  Vergara made her American TV debut on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ at the age of 30. However, when Bill Cosby stepped in for the host, the interview that took an unsettling turn for her.

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    “Men Look At You, And They Only Think Of Sin”: Bill Cosby Makes Lewd Remarks At Sofia Vergara

    Sofia Vergara and Bill Cosby (Credits: YouTube)
    Sofia Vergara and Bill Cosby (Credits: YouTube)

    About two decades ago, Bill Cosby seemingly made inappropriate advances at Sofia Vergara, who was a young, budding actress at the time. Vergara was fairly new to the industry when she made her debut on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’.  But to her misfortune, Bill Cosby replaced Letterman as the host of the show that day.

    In a video of the interview, Cosby was seen continuously staring at Vergara, which created an uneasy atmosphere on the set. At the time, Vergara was still carving her niche in Hollywood and looked visibly uncomfortable as Cosby flirted.

    S-I-N is sin. Men look at you, and they only think of sin. Now what you have on tonight is wonderful, just wonderful. And when you walked out, many, uh, many people became attentive,” Cosby said to Vergara on the set. “You make me feel very young again,” and threw in a Spanish-accented, “You make me feel very, um, excited. Look at me.”

    Sofia Vergara seemed uncomfortable with the remarks but managed to handle the situation with humor. “Don’t die on me! This is my first time on American TV. Don’t die here! But maybe if you do die, I will be very famous. Tomorrow, everybody will know me. Bill Cosby died interviewing Sofia Vergara,” she said.

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    Bill Cosby Is A Sexual Assault Convict, But Sofia Vergara Had Trashed Criticism For His Behavior

    Sofia Vergara (Credits: Getty)
    Sofia Vergara (Credits: Getty)

    In the middle of the interview, Cosby also seemingly leaned in, maintaining intense eye contact with the ‘Modern Family’ star. The incident also sparked speculation online about Vergara being a victim, but she dismissed the rumors at the time.

    Bill Cosby is facing serious sexual assault allegations from over 60 women. Though a successful figure in Hollywood, his character is stained with these allegations. Among the accusations were instances of rape, drug-facilitated sexual assault, and even child sexual abuse involving girls as young as 15. Although charged in 2015, Cosby was released in 2021.

    Meanwhile, the video still continues to get spotlight on social media as Sofia Vergara has become a rather popular Hollywood figure now. In a recent interview, she even opened up about how her beauty has helped her climb the ladder of success in Hollywood, and how she unapologetic about using her pretty privilege.

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