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    “She Was Not Just A Monster”: Sofia Vergara Explains Her Mindset To Play Griselda Amid Lawsuit By Former Drug Lord’s Family

    As much as intrigue enfolds ‘Griselda‘, so do as many files of legal paperwork. The limited series by Netflix starring and executive-produced by Sofia Vergara has been in the headlines for quite a while now.

    While we have heard the side of the Blanco family when they filed a lawsuit against the film, we finally hear the other side. In an interview, Vergara and producer Eric Newman addressed the elephant in the room.

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    Sofia Vergara Finds Herself Anew Through ‘Griselda’

    Sofia Vergara as Griselda Blanco
    Sofia Vergara as Griselda Blanco

    Griselda’ marked a milestone for Sofia Vergara as she has only starred in comedies previously, she had some difficulties adjusting to the role some of which she mentioned in the interview with Entertainment Tonight. She recalled, “I couldn’t have played that character without all of those things — the teeth, the fake nose, the plastic, the fake eyelashes…. I invented a different walk and body position, and I learned how to smoke… [I smoked] in every episode and I had never even touched a cigarette in my life — and I was 50 years old. I had to learn how to snort fake cocaine.”

    Sofia also mentioned understanding the allure of a character as complex as Griselda Blanco. While enigmatic, the project didn’t aim to romanticize her or make a hero out of her, the series merely aimed to carve out the humaneness she had and serve them in six episodes. “I tried to tell also that she was human, that she had her own way — the way she knew how to be a good mother, a good friend, she tried,” she added. “She was not just a monster.”

    I’m trying to understand her from the beginning,” Vergara said recounting her days from the shooting, adding “I started from being fascinated by her because she achieved many things that it was impossible for a woman to achieve — even though they were horrific.”

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    Newman Say It Isn’t Their First Experience With The Lawsuits

    Andrés Baiz, Sofía Vergara and Eric Newman
    Andrés Baiz, Sofía Vergara and Eric Newman

    Eric Newman who is the producer of ‘Griselda’ and also has helped bring the vision of ‘Narcos’ into reality said that they were familiar with such claims. The Blanco estate has sued Netflix and Vergara for using intellectual property (anecdotes from their interview) to build upon the series without properly compensating them.

    Newman said, “It’s not my first rodeo.” He also notes that Pablo Escobar‘s family made “some more claims” about that series similar to the ones they are currently facing.

    One of the aims of the Blanco family was to push back the release date from Jan 25th however ‘Griselda’ is currently out on Netflix. The conclusion of the lawsuit yet remains to be sorted out. Meanwhile, grab some popcorn and watch the queenpin as she builds her Columbian cocaine kingdom.

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