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    “You See Why I’m Married To Him?”: Watch Meghan Markle Gush Over Prince Harry After His Moving Speech During Their Nigeria Visit

    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s love story is no less than a happily ever after fairy tale. While the two have had their fair share of troubles that they continue to face amid the infamous royal family drama, the couple continues to strive with love at the front seat.

    The royal couple reached Nigeria today for the inauguration of a mental health summit organized by the GEANCO Foundation at the Lightway Academy in Abuja. While both Meghan and Harry spoke passionately about the importance of addressing mental health issues, the Duchess stole a moment to adorably appreciate her Prince Charming. Here’s what happened.

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    Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Advocate For Mental Health Awareness At An Event In Nigeria

    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

    Meghan Markle could not contain her pride for her husband Prince Harry after he delivered a moving speech about mental health during the couple’s recent visit to Nigeria. After Harry’s speech where he fiercely advocated for mental health awareness, Meghan took the mic to admire him for his inspiring words.

    You see why I’m married to him? He’s so smart. It’s so inspiring because he speaks the truth,” Meghan said, addressing the audience at the event. 

    During the summit, Prince Harry took a two-way approach to address the mental health issue and tried to engage with his students. Trying to address the global stigma around mental health, Prince Harry asked, “If I say mental health do you know what it means?”

    In some cases around the world, in more than you would believe, there is a stigma when it comes to mental health. Too many people don’t want to talk about it because it’s invisible. It’s something in our mind that we can’t see. It’s not like a broken leg, it’s not like a broken wrist,” Harry said.

    The Duke encouraged openness and dialogue about mental well-being, while also stressing the the importance of self-care and mutual support. “Every single person in this room, the youngest, the oldest, every single person has mental health,” he noted

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    Meghan Markle Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles

    Meghan Markle
    Meghan Markle

    Meghan Markle was clearly impressed by Harry’s speech as she later took the dais and echoed his sentiments. The Duchess asserted that every person possesses the strength and resilience to carve their own story.

    Every single one of you has a story. We all have our story. And there’s no shame in any single one of your stories. Even on the hardest days or darkest days, everything is a pillar of your strength by each of you being there,” the Duchess said.

    Meghan Markle expressed her firm belief in the future of the students at the Lightway Academy, further thanking the institution for giving them the honor to be a part of the event.

    It is a complete honor to have our first visit to Nigeria be here with all of you. We believe in you. We believe in your futures. We believe in your ability to continue to tell your stories and to just be honest with each other,” Markle, who recently revealed her Nigerian roots, said.

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