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    Black Adam Vs Shazam: Who Is More Powerful?

    The eleventh film of the DC Extended Universe, ‘Black Adam’ is all set to hit the screens on October 21, 2022. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, the movie stars Dwayne Johnson in the titular role along with other big names like Noah Centineo and Aldis Hodge. The film will follow Black Adam after five thousand years of imprisonment and he will unleash his wrath on the city of Kahndaq. The Justice Society of America becomes aware of his brutality and tries to stop him and convince him to be a hero instead of a villain. 

    Now, a question that often has fans scratching their heads is whether Black Adam or Shazam is more powerful. We’ll decode the mystery.

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    Shazam And Black Adam’s Powers

    Black Adam VS. Shazam

    Both Black Adam and Shazam have infinite powers and abilities yet one of them is stronger than the other. Shazam’s powers are based on the letters of his name itself. ‘S’ stands for the wisdom of Solomon as he has instant access to a large amount of scientific knowledge. ‘H’ stands for the power of Hercules which means he has superhuman strength that makes him one of the strongest characters in DC Comics. ‘A’ stands for the stamina of Atlas which provides him with unlimited resilience and ensures he never feels tired and any physical injuries he suffers are healed within minutes. ‘Z’ stands for the power of Zeus which powers the magical lightning and grants him resistance against magical spells and attacks. ‘A’ stands for Courage of Achilles which means that he has immense inner strength, willpower, and determination. Finally, ‘M’ stands for Speed of Mercury which allows Shazam to move as quickly as a bolt of lightning and fly at supersonic speed. 

    Black Adam can switch to Teth-Adam’s Body by speaking the word ‘SHAZAM’. He possesses the stamina of Shu due to which he can withstand extreme degrees of physical assaults. He also has the swiftness of Heru which means he can move and fly at superhuman speeds. Adam also possesses the strength of Amon which allows him to bend steel, punch through walls and lift gigantic objects. The wisdom of Zehuti provides him with counsel and advice during times of need along with the power of Aton that fuels the magic thunderbolt which transforms Adam. At last, the courage of Mehen is a psychological power that gives Adam massive amounts of inner strength to draw off and makes him almost indestructible. 

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    Black Adam Versus Shazam: Who Would Win? 

    Black Adam against Shazam

    Black Adam and Shazam have the same source of their powers which makes it a little tricky to determine who is more powerful out of the two. However, there is one dissimilarity between Adam and Shazam; Adam has had his power for almost a hundred years while Shazam’s power is comparatively freshly acquired. Adam has had the time to explore and enhance each of his powers which Shazam hasn’t had. This gives Adam an upper hand over Shazam. 

    Another thing that sets the two superheroes apart is that Black Adam is more willing to kill than Shazam is. Adam is known for his earth-shattering rage and his capacity to kill someone with a single blow. At one point in the comics, Superman, Shazam, and Black Adam were locked in a face-off where Shazam and Superman had to combine their powers to defeat Adam. The only way Adam can be defeated is through a combined effort by all superheroes. This is a ready predicament of Black Adam’s powers thus clearly establishing that he is much more powerful than Shazam. 

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