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    Dwayne Johnson Shares New Concept Art Visualizing A Battle Between Hawkman And Black Adam

    One of the most anticipated films in 2022 has to be Black Adam. The anti-hero from the DC Comics pages will be seen on the big screen with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson playing the titular character. 2019 Shazam film was supposed to introduce the character, but DC decided to have a standalone film to bring the character to the silver screen.

    After a long wait, the fans will experience the anti-hero on the big screen in a few months. However, DC and the actors are not leaving any stone unturned to give the audience glimpses of the characters. In one such instance, Dwayne posted many concept arts including one where we see Black Adam and Hawkman battling each other.

    There May Be A Past Connection Between Black Adam And Hawkman


    Just a few days are left for the trailer launch, and fans cannot keep calm over the release of the film! In addition to that, Dwayne Johnson has released the concept arts and his look from the film. The promo images piqued the interest in what lies ahead in this anti-hero drama.

    In the pictures, we see the introduction of the Justice Society Of America members Atom Smasher(Noah Centineo), Aldis Hodge (Hawkman), Dr. Fate (Pierce Brosnan), and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell). However, in concept art, we see the Shazam anti-hero in the air battling with Hawkman. In the Justice Society Of America Comics, there is a long-lost connection between the anti-hero and Hawkman. 

    We know that Black Adam was an adviser of Prince Khufu and gains Shazam’s powers which corrupt him leading to his fall, and resurrection in the present. Prince Khufu is the Hawkman. Jay Garris, in an experiment, utilizes Adam’s powers for himself to match his velocity to enter the Speed Force. 

    However, this experiment takes him to ancient times in Egypt. There he meets three people – Nabu the Wise, Teth-Adam, and Prince Khufu. Teth-Adam is the recognizable Black Adam in the present times. Teth-Adam aka Black Adam aids Hawkman to gain his power by manufacturing the most powerful Hawkman weapon.

    Teth also helps Garrick to gain the speed which takes him to the current time. Dr. Fate brings everyone to the place of Hawkman’s exile. At the place, both of them meet, and they recognize each other from the past.

    Hawkman and Black Adam come face-to-face in a fight while Hawkman is saving the citizens. This infuriates Black Adam as he is upset that JSA is interfering as protectors of Khandaq. So, we may see the battle in the upcoming film.

    Black Adam is set to have a theatrical release on October 21st, 2022. 

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