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    DC Reportedly Abandoning Michael Keaton’s Batman Cameo In ‘Aquaman 2’

    DCEU is currently going through a lot of trouble. Due to Ezra Miller’s arrests, ‘The Flash‘ got delayed and now fans are boycotting ‘Aquaman 2’ due to Amber Herad’s association with the film. The future of both movies is quite uncertain.

    Among all this, news came that DC is abandoning Michael Keaton’s Batman cameo in ‘Aquaman 2’. So the question is who will be the new Batman? An insider recently gave insight on this news and explained it all.

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    Who Will Play Batman?

    Who will be the Batman in 'Aquaman 2'
    Who will be the Batman in ‘Aquaman 2’

    In ‘The Flash‘ both Michael Keaton’s Batman and Ben Affleck’s variant were supposed to meet. However, the movie is facing a delay due to the lead Ezra Miller. ‘Aquaman 2’ was set to release after ‘The Flash’ with Michael Keaton playing the role of Batman in the movie. Now due to the delay in the release date of ‘The Flash,’ DC has decided to completely chuck Keaton’s cameo appearance. So the question is who will play Batman then?

    According to insider KC Walsh, Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in the upcoming Jason Momoa movie. The insider said that the recent news of Ben Affleck joining the Aquaman sequel is the result of the studio “replacing the Michael Keaton scenes” that were once in the movie “with Affleck”. He also said, “Looks like they are replacing the Keaton scenes with Affleck, remember #AquamanAndTheLostKingdom was originally supposed to come out after The Flash and [test] audiences were confused by his inclusion.”

    Why Are Fans Boycotting ‘Aquaman 2’?

    Amber Heard has confirmed reports her role in the Aquaman sequel has been drastically cut.
    Fans decide to boycott.

    Due to the defamation trial, Amber Heard is getting a lot of negative publicity which is affecting the movie. Fans are extremely angry with Warner Bros. as they have decided to keep Heard as Mera on the ‘Aquaman’ sequel despite removing Johnny Depp from ‘Fantastic Beasts 2’.

    Fans even started a petition to replace Heard in the movie at They aimed to get 4.5 million signatures on the petition but instead they got over 5.5 million signatures. Recently, there was a fan who even went to the San Diego Comic-Con dressed as Mera with a poop hat and a board. The writing on the board urged fans to boycott the movie. All of these facts have made the fans come to one unanimous decision i.e., to boycott ‘Aquaman 2’.

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