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    ‘The Flash’ Ending And Every Cameo In The Movie Explained

    After hitting numerous icebergs, ‘The Flash’ has finally hit the big screens. The two-and-a-half-hour film successfully saves the DC multiverse timelines, restoring each universe to its previous state. With James Gunn and Peter Sarfan at the helm, creatively rejuvenating the DCEU, ‘The Flash’ is expected to revive the DC universe. 

    The Ezra Miller-starrer incorporates several versions of different characters, multiple timelines, and plots from previous DC universe movies. The film reveals many fan-favorite characters and reintroduces a few of them, further adding to the complexity. Just when the ending tricks you into believing that The Flash has successfully reset the DCU, the credits roll in and alter the entire purpose of what The Flash stood for. 

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    The Flash: Ending Explained

    'The Flash' is headed towards being a box office bomb
    ‘The Flash’

    The Flash is loosely adapted from the most popular DC story Flashpoint in which Barry Allen travels back in time to save his mother from being murdered. While he successfully manages to save his mother, going back in time caused a ripple effect causing a new, unsustainable timeline.

    The prime theme of the movie is the constant conflict between the Main Barry and Young Barry. Past Barry, Supergirl, and Batman attack Zod’s forces, however, they are overwhelmed by the Kryptonian army. The battle eventually leads to the death of Supergirl and Batman. Unable to accept fate, Barry goes back in time to do things differently. No matter how many times Barry goes back in time, it does not change their fate thus Batman and Supergirl are meant to die.

    The vain of failing to win against Zod, the main Barry understands that the destruction of Earth is unavoidable in the timeline and accepts that he can’t change the past and needs to let go of his mother. However, the Young Barry has a hard time accepting reality and keeps going back in time. At this time, even the fans lose the sense of reality.

    As the two Barrys argue in the Speed Force bubble about the risk and dangers of fixing the past, a mysterious villain appears knocking Barry out of the Speed Force. The villain’s identity is revealed to be an older, grey-haired version of Young Barry who spent his entire life trying to keep his mother alive, by changing the timeline.

    As Dark Flash stabs the main Barry to stop him from un-saving his mother, young Flash jumps in, getting stabbed instead. Since they all are the same person, the death of young Barry will lead to the death of old Barry as well.

    Now the Main Barry returns to the past to undo the changes that saved his mother. Instead of dropping the can of tomatoes in her bag, he places himself on a higher self which also helped build an alibi for his father, who was wrongly accused of killing Barry’s mother.

    Bruce then shows up at the courthouse, but something is different. He is a completely different person then than Barry knew. Restoring his mother’s death and proving his father’s innocence has altered the timeline. The film ends with Barry in a state of confusion about the timeline he’s in and what might happen next and even probing questions who is Batman?

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    The Flash Revives Yet Another Classic Batman

    George Clooney Batman

    A diminutive change, that altered the entire timeline. As Barry changed the position of the tomato cans to prove his father’s innocence, he rushes to the courthouse. Henry Allen is finally exonerated of the murder of his wife. All seems well for Barry Allen as he even gets a date with his long-time crush Iris West.  Tricking us to believe that this is Barry Aleen’s happy ending, he gets a call from Bruce Wayne’s number. 

    However, Bruce Wayne’s voice sounds weird and unfamiliar and nothing to Ben Affleck’s. The big reveal tends to surprise the audience as Bruce Wayne exits the car, revealing it is none other than George Clooney. This is Cloony’s first time playing the character after Batman and Robin. Clearly, Barry’s change to save his father has created a butterfly effect in the DCEU.

    Every Cameo In ‘The Flash’ Explained

    the flash cameo's

    Every cameo in the movie feels like a blast from the past. George Clooney’s appearance as Batman was the most unexpected cameo in The Flash. However, Clooney Batman becoming a canon raised a lot of uncomfortable questions about DCEU’s future. But that’s not all, even Jason Momoa’s Aquaman makes an appearance in the post-credit scene. Hopefully, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will connect the events with the Flash.

    Also, Teddy Sear’s version of Golden Flash makes an appearance. The iconic Christopher Reeve returns as Superman along with Helen Slater’s Supergirl. George Reeves, who made history by playing the Kryptonian Hero in the first feature film was brought back without color in The Flash.

    Since many versions of Barry Allen missed the timeline, which resulted in a clash of many universes. Because of the multiverse, The Flash also fulfilled Nicholas Cage’s wish to become Superman. Cage’s version of the Man of Steel was unfortunately scraped off, but The Flash made it possible to see a glimpse of Cage as Superman.

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