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    “I Thought My Career Was Completely Over”: James Gunn Opens Up About Getting Fired From Marvel That Shaked Him To His Core

    After a long while, Marvel finally made a comeback to the box office with James Gunn’s ‘Guardians Of the Galaxy vol. 3’. However, this movie was not going to happen for a short while when Disney fired James Gunn from Marvel. 

    But in the end, things worked out and the decision was reversed. James Gunn also landed the dream job of running DCEU. And now he has opened up about his experience of getting shacked. So let’s take a look.

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    James Gunn Shares His Experience Of Getting Shacked

    James Gunn with the cast of Guardians of the galaxy
    James Gunn with the cast of Guardians of the galaxy

    After Disney fired James Gunn from Marvel over old text messages, the director thought his career was over. James Gunn said, “For a beat there it was like, ‘Holy Shit. I’ve been working my entire life to be loved by all of these people, by the world, so I can feel okay about myself. And everything I’ve worked for is gone.‘” 

    James Gunn also thought of selling his house and moving away. He was afraid his career was over completely. However, he did not lose hope. And with a lot of support from his friends and family he turned around his life. Gunn expressed how his friends and loved ones stood by him as he picked himself up. 

    But the thing that was so amazing to me was, in that moment of lowness, when I couldn’t help anyone, is when people came to me and showed me the greatest love. People like you, especially my future wife, Jen [Holland], my family, my mom and dad,” said Gunn. 

    He also added, “You know, Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Pom Klementieff, all of the Guardians. Zoe [Saldana] coming over and cooking me dinner. Sylvester Stallone. The amount of people that showed me love in a moment when I was completely weak.”

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    Why James Gunn Thinks Losing His Job Did Him Good?

    James Gunn
    James Gunn

    After losing his job at Marvel, Gunn found true love from people who supported him. He went on to say he felt the most alive and free during this time. And soon opportunities came knocking at his door too.

    James Gunn previously directed ‘The Suicide Squad‘ and the HBO Max original series ‘Peacemaker‘. And after he lost his job at Marvel, DC did not waste time. They approached James Gunn and producer Peter Safran to bring in a new era in the DC Universe. And now James Gunn is leading the DC Extended Universe. He is also writing and will be directing Superman: Legacy soon. 

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