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    Is There An Alternate Ending To The ‘Titanic’? Does Rose Give Away The Necklace To Someone?

    One of the greatest and most famous movies of our generation definitely has to include Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s Titanic. This iconic love story has captured the hearts of millions all over the globe. What is most intriguing about this movie is that it tells the real-life story of the doomed tragedy that occurred in 1912.

    The ‘Titanic’ ended with the tragic death of DiCaprio’s character Jake, as he sacrifices his life to save Rose, AKA Kate Winslet. The ending surely makes the movie more appalling and hence interesting, but the audience could definitely use an alternate ending. And to fans’ shock, ‘Titanic’ fans have realized that there is indeed an alternate ending to the story!

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    What Happens In Titanic’s Alternate Ending?

    In the alternate ending, we cut to the last scene of the actual movie. As Rose climbs on the railings to throw the diamond necklace into the ocean, she is stopped by Brock Lovett and her granddaughter. As they come nearer Rose holds up the blue gem and threatens to drop it if they come any closer. We see a shocked Brock gazing at the necklace.

    Brock asks her if she had it the entire time to which Rose replies that she did consider selling it over the years. But every time she thought of it, it reminded her of Cal, and she decided to make it one more time without Cal’s help. She further reveals the true purpose of her trip saying “I’ve come all the way here to put it back where it belongs.”

    As she tosses the necklace overboard, a shocked team of Brock gathers on the deck to look over the lost gem. As the gem hits the water, the camera is pointed back to Brock. The scene ends with him laughing and asking Lizzy, the granddaughter, to dance.

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    How Have People Reacted To The Alternate Ending

    In contrast to the original ending of the movie, the ‘Titanic’s alternate ending has been responded to by fans as “Cheesy”. As mentioned in GRAZIA, viewers have commented by saying that the clip “cursed my day“. Another viewer added “This is cheesy AF“, while someone said “We are all the bearded guy in this scenario“, probably referring to Brock, who just lost the necklace after years of searching for it.

    The alternate ending video was shared online, and it has garnered over a million views so far. With the resurfacing of the video, fans have wondered if the movie would have won an Oscar if they had gone forward with this alternate ending. “The alternate ending to ‘Titanic’ is hilarious. This would have absolutely ruined the film for me,” a Twitter user commented.

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