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    Matt Smith Dating History: How Many Has The Actor Dated?

    Matt Smith is an English actor, born on October 28, 1982. He is known for his famous roles in ‘Doctor Who’ as the Eleventh Doctor and as Prince Philip in ‘The Crown’. He has been getting a lot of attention because of his role in the series ‘House of the Dragon’. He plays Daemon Targaryen, which has earned him a lot of recognition among fans.

    The actor has opened up about his insecurities while filming his first sex scene in the ‘Game of Thrones‘ prequel. He also said that his role as Daemon Targaryen was a very strict character and has almost blind sense of loyalty. As the new series is gaining a lot of buzz due to Smith’s bold looks, let us look at the actor’s dating history.

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    1) Billie Piper

    Matt Smith and Billie Piper

    Matt Smith has allegedly dated British actress Billie Piper. The pair worked together on BBC dramas ‘The Ruby in the Smoke’ and ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’. The dating rumors started after paparazzi spotted the couple hand in hand at a Surrey Fete in 2006. Although the rumors soon dimmed away. The former co-stars are still on cordial terms with each other.

    2) Mayana Moura

    Mayana Moura and Matt Smith

    The Brazilian actor Mayana Moura and Smith started dating when they saw each other in Brazil. Both were enjoying their holidays in Brazil when they crossed paths with each other. When they were dating, he was residing in London and she was in New York. They were not able to make their long-distance relationship work. The couple struggled to work through their relationship and they broke up with each other the same year they started dating.

    3) Daisy Lowe

    Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe

    The British actress and model Daisy Lowe was also courted by Smith. They both dated for several years. Unfortunately, they split up in 2013. After their split, their photos were leaked and this bought a lot of controversy.

    4) Lily James

    Lily James and Matt Smith

    The ‘Cinderella’ actress Lily James started dating Smith on the sets of ‘Pride and Prejudice and ‘Zombies’ back in 2014. The rumors of them being together started around December 2019. The pair did not last long, and they soon said their goodbyes to each other.

    5) Emilia Clarke

    Matt Smith and Emilia Clarke

    The actor was also linked with the popular Game of Thrones actress, Emilia Clarke. They have worked together previously on the 2015 film ‘Terminator Genisys’. They were spotted by paparazzi in 2020 as the two grabbed dinner, while Clarke was dressed in white wide-legged pants and a black blazer and Smith in a grey jacket, white top and dark denim. Fans started rooting for this couple, but the rumors soon fizzled away.

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