Pam And Tommy: Did Everything Happen Exactly As Shown In The Series?

Pam and Tommy

Pam and Tommy is six-episode deep in its streaming, with just a couple more for it to conclude. The series based on the infamous couple Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee is receiving mostly positive responses from the audience. However, the series is based on something that happened way back in time, and thus the audience isn’t sure if every element of the show is true to the actual reality.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s Story

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Pam and Tommy explore the life of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee together. The couple got married within four days of meeting each other in 1994. However, the marital bliss was short-lived for just a year later, the sex-tape scandal struck the couple.

An electrician, Rand Gautier, stole and sold the couple’s honeymoon sex tape out of spite. The tape circulated on the internet and was made available to purchase. Over a thousand copies were sold, and even filing a lawsuit didn’t do much for the couple.

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Pam And Tommy: The Series

Sebastian Stan and Lily James as Tommy and Pamela in the series
Sebastian Stan and Lily James as Tommy and Pamela in the series

Pam and Tommy, the series stars Lily James as Pamela Anderson and Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee. As far as the appearances are concerned, the actors have nailed their looks as the former couple.

Most of the parts are inspired by “Pam and Tommy: The Untold Story of the World’s Most Infamous Sex Tape” by Amanda Chicago Lewis. Moreover, the makers have also cited Tommy Lee’s autobiography Tommyland as a reference for some of the scenes involved.

All That’s True In Pam And Tommy

Lily James' transformation to Pamela Anderson
Lily James’ transformation to Pamela Anderson

Mostly, the series has stayed true to its origins. For instance, as fake as the introductory licking scene between both the leads seems, it’s actually how it went in reality. Tommy has mentioned this meeting between Pamela and him in his book and explained it exactly how it’s shown in the series. Moreover, Pamela earlier herself confirmed the meeting. “He came up, grabbed me, and licked my face,” she told Movieline at the time. “I thought he was a cool, friendly, nice guy. I gave him my number.”

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Another hard-to-believe scene that’s indeed based on reality is Tommy’s Penis conversation scene. “As much as I’d like to take credit for that, I was simply adapting a chapter from [Lee’s] memoir,” said David Siegel, the show’s creator about that scene. Moreover, the wedding scene also reflects the reality of the event. Both Pamela and Tommy married each other without wedding bands and dressed in bikini and shorts.

Additionally, most of the scenes with Rand Gautier in them are straight in tally to the records. Tommy aimed his shotgun at the electrician when he came back for his instruments. Tommy’s behavior led Rand to execute a revenge move against him. “I was never really that popular with people, but I had never been held at gunpoint. It screwed with my head,” said Gautier in an interview.

The Fiction Involved In The Show

Sebastian Stan as Tommy
Sebastian Stan as Tommy

What’s fiction in the show is the fight between Tommy Lee and Third Eye Blind singer Stephen Jenkins. The fight never happened but as per some research the timelines matched and this led the creators to add a conflict for entertainment purposes.

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I did a little quick Google search, what label was Mötley Crüe on? Elektra. Who else was on Elektra? Third Eye Blind,” says executive producer Rob Siegel. “The timing was perfect. In 1996 they’re working on their debut album. But the scene is fictional, but I like to think it absolutely could have happened.”

Pamela and Tommy’s Stance On Pam And Tommy

Remake of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
Reel and Real Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

As real as the series is in its depiction of the couple’s life, Anderson has a stand to never watch the show. “Not even years from now. Not even the trailer,” said sources close to her about her watching the show. Even after the lead Lily James’s persuasion, Anderson didn’t buzz. In an interview, James expressed her wish for Anderson’s involvement in the series. “My sole intention was to take care of the story and to play Pamela authentically,” she added. “And I was very hopeful that we would be in touch right up until we started filming.”

As for Tommy Lee, he wasn’t greatly affected by the show’s idea. He has his reservations about what went down in reality but has a positive response to the show’s idea and Sebastian Stan playing him. “I know Sebastian, he’s playing me. From what he’s told me, [it’s a] really beautiful story,” he said. “I think a lot of people would think it’s one thing, but it’s really about privacy and how things got crazy then. There are different laws now.” Moreover, he added, “The story’s actually cool, what actually happened wasn’t, but [Stan] tells me it’s pretty wild,” he said, adding that “people need to know” what happened.”

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