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    “Pregnant Mouseketeers Aren’t On The Roster”: Keri Russell Claims Disney Threw Girls Out Of ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ Once They Looked ‘Sexually Active’

    ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ is known to have starred many actors who are successful in Hollywood today. Keri Russell is one such actress who recently spoke about her experience on the show.

    Russell appeared on the show between the ages of 15 and 17 in the early 1990s, So what brought her exit from it? Let us dive in and explore what she has to say.

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    Keri Russell Says Makes A Bold Statement About ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ Girls 

    Keri Russell in 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse'
    Keri Russell in ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’

    Keri Russell, 48, who was in ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ as a teenager, revealed on Jesse Tyler Ferguson‘s ‘Dinner’s on Me‘ podcast that the club had a cut-off age. When asked, “Was there a cut-off age where like, after you turned 17, you can no longer be on it?” by Ferguson, Russell replied, “Yeah, it’s usually girls who look like they were sexually active, which probably I was one of the first. They’re like, ‘She’s out. Oh, she is out.’”

    Meanwhile, “The boys stayed till they were 19,” she said. “You know, girls and sexuality,” Russell said. “And by the way, me, I [had] like a 12-year-old boy body. There’s nothing really sexy about me, but I think that was what [made Disney] nervous. Pregnant Mouseketeers aren’t on the roster.”

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    Keri Russell’s Career Trajectory Beyond Disney

    Keri Russell
    Keri Russell

    First gaining fame with the TV series ‘Felicity’ (1998–2002), Keri Russell has worked on a varied number of Movies and TV Shows over time.  She played the title role in the drama series, which won her a Golden Globe Award.

    Russell starred in the spy thriller ‘The Americans’ (2013–18) wherein she portrayed Elizabeth Jennings, which earned her nominations for several Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. In recent times, she has been a part of the Netflix hit Political drama ‘The Diplomat’ (2023– ).

    Russell has also appeared in the films ‘Honey, I Blew Up the Kid‘ (1992), ‘We Were Soldiers‘ (2002), Mission: Impossible III (2006), ‘Waitress’ (2007), ‘August Rush‘ (2007), ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes‘ (2014), ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker‘ (2019), ‘Antlers’ (2021), and ‘Cocaine Bear‘ (2023), which have a great following.

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