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    “No, You Don’t Get To Do That”: Jeremy Renner Reveals The Real Reason He Rejected ‘Mission: Impossible 3’

    Imagine flying overseas to shoot a movie, only to realize that your character shall die after a few scenes. A similar experience happened with Jeremy Renner when he was approached for the movie ‘Fallout’. Jeremy’s ‘Mission Impossible‘ role extended from 2011’s ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ to 2015’s ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation‘.

    Jeremy was asked to reprise his role of IMF agent William Brandt in the 2018 movie sequel. But he dropped the role because, apparently his character will be dead after one week of shooting.

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    Jeremy Renner Rejected The Role Of Brandt In ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’

    Jeremy Renner
    Jeremy Renner

    Jeremy Renner was supposed to be part of the 2018 Mission Impossible’ franchise but the actor had a condition regarding his character which wasn’t fulfilled. During an interview with Variety, the actor revealed that his character was supposed to die after a few appearances in the movie and he didn’t agree with that part.

    Jeremy said, “I remember they tried to bring me over[seas] for a week so they could kill my character, and I was like, ‘No, you don’t get to do that. You’re not going to drag me over there and just kill my character,’ like get out of here!”

    He added, “If you’re going to do this and you’re going to use my character, you’re going to do it right.” Renner even yelled at the director Christopher McQuarrie, you’re not going to do this my character.

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    Renner Is Still Optimistic Of His Return To ‘Mission: Impossible’ Franchise

    Jeremy Renner
    Jeremy Renner

    Sadly, Renner couldn’t return to the movie series. But the actor revealed during an interview with Collider that he would be happy to return for the role. Renner talked about the good days he had with the cast and the fun while filming of the previous movies.

    He said, “I was supposed to do more with them. I love those guys. I love Tom so much. We had so much fun, and I love that character a lot. It requires a lot of time away. It’s all in London. I had to go be a dad.” 

    Renner also added, “It just wasn’t gonna work out then. Maybe now that my daughter is older that could happen. I’d always jump into a ‘Mission: Impossible’ anytime and back into Brandt. It’s great.”

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