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    A £23 Million Submarine Malfunction Sends Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission Impossible 8’ Into Another Production Delay 

    Tom Cruise‘s reputation for defying gravity and pulling off outrageous stunts is legendary, both on and off-screen. Filming for Mission: Impossible 8’ has been thrown into disarray after a critical piece of equipment failed to live up to its impossible mission. 

    The culprit? A gimbal, it was designed to lower the 120-foot-long submarine into the filming location. Under the immense weight of the submersible, the gimbal reportedly jammed, leaving the crew scrambling for solutions. The extent of the damage remains undisclosed. 

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    ‘Mission: Impossible 8’ Has Yet Another Costly Setback 

    Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible
    Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible

    This isn’t the first time Mission: Impossible’  has encountered production hurdles. The film industry, notorious for its unforeseen challenges, has thrown everything from pandemic shutdowns to scheduling conflicts at the franchise. This latest setback, however, stings a little more because of the hefty price tag worth £23 million attached. 

    With a reported budget already ballooning into the hundreds of millions, a malfunctioning multi-million dollar submarine is sure to raise eyebrows. Additionally, the delay also adds another layer of stress to an already demanding production. Filming for the movies is notoriously intense, and delays are a common thing.

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    The Filming Of ‘Mission: Impossible’ Films Have Had A History Of Hurdles

    Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible
    Tom Cruise will be seen in ‘Mission: Impossible 8′ 

    Let’s face it, ‘Mission: Impossible‘ wouldn’t be the same without a few white-knuckle moments behind the scenes. The franchise has a long history of facing unexpected delays. Writers’ strikes have stalled projects, and outrageous stunts have resulted in injuries (remember that ankle break during the filming of ‘Fallout‘?). Additionally, wild weather conditions have thrown wrenches into meticulously planned shoots.  

    Through it all, Tom Cruise and his team have persevered, demonstrating the same tenacity and resourcefulness they portray on screen. This latest submarine snafu might be a new kind of headache. However, one thing’s for sure, they’ll find a way to fix it and get Ethan Hunt back in action. While the wait might be a little longer, moviegoers can rest assured that when ‘Mission: Impossible 8′ finally premieres, it will be an action-packed spectacle worth the delay. 

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