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    ‘Rings Of Power’ Vs ‘House Of The Dragon’: Which Show Is Better As Per The Audience Ratings

    The fantasy series Rings Of The Power and House Of The Dragon’ both have massive follow-ups and ratings. The aforementioned shows unfolding at the same time, fantasy fans are juggling from one episode to another to keep track of their favorite shows.

    The final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘The Hobbit‘ did not receive major receptions from the audience. Despite this setback, the prequel series of these shows have already gained certified hits amongst fans. However, which one is the better one? Which series are fans most looking forward to?

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    ‘Rings Of The Power’ Vs ‘House Of The Dragon’

    Characters from ROP and HOD respectively

    House Of The Dragon‘ has already gotten excellent critical views and a massive storm of fans following the series diligently. On the other hand, ‘Rings of Power,’ with its massive budget has made HOD look like ‘garbage‘ in comparison. However, the storyline of HOD, the actors, and the directors are pulling it off to a top-notch every other episode.

    ROP is also not the one to bat down. Already having high expectations because of the criminally expensive budget, there is a lot at stake for them to make it a mega-hit. People on social media have started speculating on which would top it off. Many viewers have rated that HOD would be the number one show and ROP following that to second.

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    Audience Reactions To ROP And HOD

    Posters of HOD and ROP respectively

    One user has commented about ROP that most people would not wrap their heads around the magical phenomenon, Elves, and Dwarves. There is a higher chance that people would most probably be interested in watching political and character-based dramas like HOD rather than ROP. Another user specifically noted that people would prefer shows “where people f***”.

    On Rotten Tomatoes, both ‘House of the Dragons’ and Rings of Power are boasting their audience review score. Both series have the same score of 84%. The score seems high, yet there are other shows that have touched even 90%. Metacritic takes into account the actual score, unlike Rotten Tomatoes just takes into account the positive or negative reviews.

    According to the viewers’ review on Metacritic, HOD has 68/100, whilst ROP has 72/100. So, you decide on which series you like the most by watching HOD and ROP on HBO and Prime Video respectively.

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