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    ‘The Rings Of Power’: Ranking The Top 10 Elves In The Middle Earth

    In ‘Lord Of The Rings’, Elves played a major role in shaping the world in the First, Second and Third ages. The Elves are great warriors, they are also impeccable artists and leaders. The incarnation of evil – Morgoth and Sauron – were thwarted by the unnerving combativeness of the Elves, finally leaving Middle Earth only when the One Ring was destroyed. Now that ‘The Rings Of Power‘ is about to be released, let’s dig deep into the story of the Elves.

    The children of Eru Ilúvatar, the Elves, are the first to awaken in Middle Earth. This awakening happened thousands of years before Frodo’s journey in the ‘Lord Of The Rings’. Elves prefer outdoor activities that suck in all the warmth of the Earth rather than people like us in the Digital Age who train our fingers rapidly for an online combat match. Let us find out the top 10 most powerful Elves of Middle Earth.

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    1) Galadriel

    Morfydd Clark: Galadriel
    Morfydd Clark: Galadriel

    Galadriel is known for her ‘beauty, knowledge and power’. She is the Lady of the woods of Lothlórien. She plays a major role when it comes to battles and wars. She wielded Nenya, the Ring of Water, that possessed radiance that matched the stars. She is the most important Elf of the early first age. The wisdom she gained throughout her long life, aided her to perceive Sauron’s deceitfulness when he began to manifest into a different form.

    2) Fëanor


    Fëanor is a talented blacksmith, a strategist in combat, a brilliant warrior, and an inventor. He is an incredibly strong and clever character, notes He constructed the iconic Silmarils, three gemstones by capturing Laurelin and Telperion’s ineffable light. He also created the seven palantíri. His level of craftsmanship is such that no one has even attempted to replicate the design. All these glories come with their own shortcomings, here he chose the path of vengeance after his father’s death. Although his flawed character indirectly is most responsible for the death of many Elves, his brilliance and creative skills could not outmatch any.

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    3) Lúthien


    Lúthien is also known as Tinúviel. She was an Elf-maiden of Doriath, the wife of Beren Erchamion, and the most beautiful one to ever live. She is dearly remembered forever for her unrequited love towards a mortal AdanBeren. She was prepared to risk everything for her love. Her legendary story is remembered through songs and stories. She and Beren won the Silmaril from Morgoth’s crown and the approval of their marriage by King Thingol. Their good deeds won them a second life in Middle Earth. It was said that her bloodline will never perish.

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    4) Legolas


    Legolas is the Prince of Mirkwood. He was blessed with many talents. He is a master archer, a horse whisperer, a silent hunter, and he could even sleep while walking – which allowed him to travel “45 leagues in less than 4 days.” He is friends with the grumpy Dwarf, Gimli, one of the most endearing and profound relationships in Middle Earth. Legolas even let Gimli, a Dwarf into the sacred Undying Lands, making him the first Dwarf to enter the sacred Elvish haven.

    5) Celeborn


    Celeborn is the husband of Galadriel and they both happily rule their kingdom. He has lived through the first, second, and third ages, which has gained him a lot of wisdom. Being one of the wisest Elves to ever live, he is especially noted for his companionship with Galadriel. Although, he takes a back seat to the power of his wife, he never let that go past his head. He loves her and one of his best qualities is to have stood by her throughout.

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    6) Gilgalad


    Gilgalad is the last High King of Ñoldor in Middle Earth. He was a great warrior and much-revered leader. He helped in forming the last alliance of Elves and Men and defeated Sauron at the end of the Second Age. He ruled Lindon and fostered good relationships with men. He distrusted Annatar, a disguise of Sauron, and was later entrusted by Celebrimbor with two of the Elven rings, Vilya and Narya.

    7) Elrond


    Elrond is Half-Elf and Half-Man. He has the incredible power of telepathy and notes that his presence in Middle Earth changed a lot of things for the better. He founded Rivendell, an Elven town, and ruled it fairly. He is the most reliable Elf in the history of Elves.

    8) Tharanduil


    Thranduil is King of Mirkwood and the son of Oropher. He rides on a majestic elk for the battles. Although, he is majestic, he is one of the flawed characters in the realm. He practiced isolationism and refused to help those in need outside of his borders. His flaw is understandable because of all the pain he had to endure. He saw the death of his own father along with his companions in front of his eyes in a battle.

    9) Arwen


    Arwen is the daughter of Elrond and Celebrian. Just like her father, she is a half-elf. Therefore she can choose whether to be immortal or die of old age, like humans. She is a wise and experienced elf. She is described as the “most beautiful of the last generation of High Elves in Middle-earth.” She is also great at summoning powerful water spirits. She also helps those in need. Like Beren and Lúthien, she also united Elf and Man to restore peace once again. By marrying Aragorn after the War of the Ring, she became Queen of the Reunited Kingdom.

    10) Finrod


    Finrod was an Elven Prince and a great friend of Men. He fought Sauron with his songs of power, while Beren was in quest for the Silmaril. Since Barahir saved his life in the War of the Jewels, Finrod returned the favor by enjoining Barahir’s son in their quest to retrieve the stolen Silmarils. He fought Sauron bravely with his songs of power and killed a werewolf with his bare hands. Consequentially, ended up with mortal wounds. He was then praised by Valar and sent to the Undying Lands.

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