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    ‘The Rings Of Power’: Who Created All The Rings And How Did Sauron Betray Them?

    Amazon Prime Video is bringing the spinoff to the historic ‘Lord of the Rings’ titled The Rings of Power. While the franchise is so epic that it never really left the minds of its admirers, the announcement of this new series has certainly made ‘Lord of the Rings‘ a topic of conversation, now more than ever. 

    It is a rich universe created by author J.R.R. Tolkien and brought to life on screen by director Peter Jackson which explores a world unlike any other. A lot many questions and theories have surfaced of late and most of them focus primarily on the Rings of Power. Let’s take a deep dive into creation of the rings and the battle that followed.

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    Who Created The Rings Of Power? 

    The Greatest Three RIngs
    The Greatest Three Rings

    In the Second Age, a total of twenty Rings of Power were crafted by Gwaith-i-Mirdain of Eregion. Sauron, after taking residency in Mordor and assembling his army of Orcs, Trolls and Men wanted control over the Elves too. The Elves were the cleverest Middle-earth creatures and so, it was a bit difficult for Sauron to deceive and control them. But Sauron was never the one to give up; he disguised himself as Annatar and befriended the Elf smiths. He then trained them in magic and convinced Celebrimbor – a prince and master craftsman to help make the Rings of Power. 

    The Elves created a total of nineteen Rings of Power, out of which the greatest three rings were crafted by Celebrimbor alone. All the rings created have distinct powers. Since the rings were originally meant for the Elves, they even have names. These Elvish rings include Narya: Ring of Fire, Nenya: Ring of Water, and Vilya: Ring of Air. The One Ring is the most powerful of them all, crafted by Sauron himself. The One Ring reveals an inscription upon being heated which is translated to read: “One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness find them.

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    How Did Sauron Betray The Creators Of The Rings Of Power? 

    A Still from Amazon PrimeVideo's 'Rings Of Power"
    A Still from Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Rings Of Power”

    Sauron’s ultimate master plan was to use the rings crafted by the Elves to dominate the rest of them. Thus, he forged the One Ring hidden away in secret using the fires of Mount Doom, aiming to bring all the rings and their wearers under his control. Unfortunately for him, as soon as he put on the One Ring, the Elves were immediately alerted and they took off their Rings. This enraged Sauron to no measure and he decided to wage a war against the Elves and demanded that they hand the Rings over to him. 

    Even in the face of conflict, the Elves managed to hide the greatest Three rings and passed one to the Dwarves of Khazad-dum. Sauron still managed to get his hands on the remaining fifteen rings which he then gave to the mortals – the Dwarves and the Men. Out of these fifteen, he gave nine rings to the Men as he knew they were the easiest to manipulate. The greatest Three that remained with the Elves were meant to protect and preserve the Elven realms from evil. But they were still linked to One Ring and whoever wore the One could know the thoughts of those who wore the Three. 

    ‘The Rings of Power’ is expected to depict the events described above. According to reports, the makers of the show are taking some creative liberties in curating a timeline where characters like Elendil and Celebrimbor are alive at the same time.

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