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    Who Is Black Adam Supervillain Sabbac? What Are His Powers?

    Introduced in ‘The Marvel Family‘ #1 way back in December 1945, Black Adam is an anti-superhero in the DC comics. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is all set to star in the film. The movie will follow the Black Adam who is Shazam’s nemesis. It will also feature Justice Society of America characters like Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher.”One of the things I always loved and admired about Black Adam was, number one, he was an antihero. I love that the line is a little blurred,” Johnson said. “I love that he has his own sense of Black Adam justice.”

    Black Adam‘s release date has been pushed back from July 29, 2022, to October 21, 2022. Although the studio didn’t give an official reason for the changes, according to the reports, it’s because of Covid-related issues. We got our first look at Sabbac in the latest movie trailer. It’s clear that he is the character who will appear as the main villain of the film. Marwan Kenzari will play Sabbac in ‘Black Adam‘. But who exactly is Sabbac? What are the powers that he possesses? Let us find it all out.

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    Who Is Sabbac?

    Black Adam and Sabbac

    According to DC Extended Universe Wiki, Ishmael Gregor, also known as Sabbac, is a military Intergang leader who became possessed by a demon and is determined to take over Kahndaq and the whole world. This demonic version of Sabbac is the alter ego of Ishmael Gregor. It possesses amplified demonic powers and a hairy beast-like appearance with horns instead of the more humanoid original form. Like Shazam, Sabbac’s name is the amalgamation of six evil lords.

    Sabbac has always been one of the most powerful supervillains of the DC universe, technically he is one of DC’s oldest too. Even Black Adam couldn’t hold a candle in front of him. Sabbac is empowered by six of the worst demons in the DCU whereas Black Adam draws strength from six powerful gods. It’s pretty clear already that the DCEU version of Sabbac is quite different from the adaptation of any of the comic books. But yes! Sabbac will finally make his proper, live-action debut in this movie.

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    How Powerful Is The Black Adam Supervillain?

    Sabbac’s powers are mostly reliant upon the evil forces of Hell and he is presented as the opposite of the Marvel (Shazam!) Family. This villain contains powers that can be evoked by saying the word “Sabbac.” Are you getting Shazam flashbacks? Yes, they are quite similar because he is meant to be the stark opposite of Shazam. Sabbac’s patron demons are Satan, Aym, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Cratius. When it comes to powers, he possesses heightened superhuman abilities. His hands and mouth can shoot fire, and he can even fly. The demons that empower Sabbac are also evil and are known for causing destruction in the world.

    Ishmael gets the strength of Satan, the body of Aym, and the wisdom of Belial. Moreover, he gets the flaming powers from Beelzebub, the evil courage of Asmodeus, and finally the flight of Cratius. But, Sabbac’s DCEU description states that Ishmael is possessed by only one demon. so, we will only find out after watching the movie if our villain stays the same.

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