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    Megan Fox Rocks “Shortest Manicure Ever” With A Charming 3D Twist

    Megan Fox, known for her bold and artistic nail choices, surprised fans with her latest nail choice. Maybe she is trying a new thing this year with a hint of her past taste.

    Renowned for flaunting elaborate and glamorous nail designs, Fox opted for a chic and unexpected change during the weekend. Fans are loving this new soft girl era of Megan. 

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    Megan Fox Takes A U-Turn In Nail Art

    Megan Fox's usual Nail style
    Megan Fox’s usual Nail style

    The ‘Star Wars’ star is known for her over-the-top, show-stealer nails which are almost always long. But looks like Megan Fox is going low on the spices this year. Fox is embracing a shorter and more natural look for her nails.

    Her go-to nail artist, Brittney Boyce, shared some shots of Megan’s new soft girl set. Relatively short nails adorned with a sheer pink-beige polish. It marks a significant shift from the consistently long and striking nails ‘Jennifer’s Body’ actress has sported over the years.

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    ‘Shortest Set Ever’: Megan Fox’s Nail Evolution

    Megan Fox's ‘Shortest Set Ever’ Shared by her Nail Tech
    Megan Fox’s ‘Shortest Set Ever’ Shared by her Nail Tech

    In an interview with Allure, Megan’s Nail Tech Brittney Boyce, expressed her enthusiasm for the unique transformation. “This is the shortest set of nails that we’ve ever done, and I’m totally obsessed,” said Boyce. 

    The decision to change things up reflects a desire to explore new avenues in nail art after years of consistently rocking dramatic designs.

    While the length took a detour, some things remained constant—Fox’s love for three-dimensional nail accessories. The subtle short nails were adorned with iridescent bubble heart charms. It added a playful and charming touch to the understated look. Boyce used The Daily Charme 30-pack, which is just 5$. An affordable and easy way to elevate plain nails. 

    After this new fusion of Megan’s new style with a hint of original fans are eager to see what artistic twist she’ll bring to her nails next.

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