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    Who Was Hitler’s Wife Eva Braun? Why Did She Kill Herself?

    It would not be surprising to learn that the world’s most hated man, Adolf Hitler, had the most disturbing relationship throughout his dictatorship. Eva Braun was Hitler’s mistress for fourteen years before they got married and killed themselves the next day. Their story was the original destructive and reckless love tale. Eva Braun’s sister, Ilse, and the rest of her family knew the relationship was doomed. And their predictions were true.

    Hitler was an Austrian-born German dictator. With his Nazi party, he was the face of the Axis side in the gruesome World War II. Hitler’s Jewish hatred already made him a megalomaniac enough to suffocate people in concentration camps. However, his paranoia reached its apex when both the Soviet Union and the Allied forces were squeezing him out of power and Hitler realized that he was losing. Killing seemed an easier option to the Führer and he took his paramour with him.

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    Who Was Eva Braun?

    Eva Braun

    Eva Braun was born on 6 February 1912 in Germany to a lower-middle-class family. She went to the Catholic Young Women’s Institute in Simbach-am-Inn. Eva was a skilled swimmer and skier and in the 1930s the shop Heinrich Hoffman hired her as a saleswoman. Ironically, the shopman was Hitler’s official photographer. When Eva met Hitler, she was seventeen years old, 23 years younger than the dictator. Hitler’s relationship with Eva was not only carnal. Eva was Hitler’s emotional support, she provided him with domestic relaxation.

    Eva lived in a house in Munich that was provided by Hitler. She did not interfere or influence with the German dictator’s political life and ideas. Their relationship was kept discreet from the German State. Later in 1945, Braun marched to Berlin and against her beau’s wishes demanded to live with him. Hitler had a celibate political image that ensured his people he was only devoted to the State. Though Braun lived in the same house as Hitler, both had separate rooms. Hitler didn’t want to marry which upset Braun a lot. She even attempted suicide because of it. In 1945, Hitler was convinced to marry. However, both knew it would not be happily ever after.

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    How Did Eva Die?

    Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler

    At the beginning of World War II, German had many swift wins over France, North Africa, and the most popular Poland. These wins terrified the world that the Axis might win the war. However, the tables turned soon. Germany was invading its once ally Soviet Union and was progressing fast. But soon winter set in and they had to retreat. By the time spring came. Russia had a fresh inventory of weapons and supplies and pushed Germany back. Italy, the second Axis country, was occupied by the Allied forces. Japan was losing the Pacific islands it had conquered and America was closing in on the Japanese borders.

    All these losses were deteriorating Hitler’s mental and physical health. And his paranoia finally reached its zenith. Hitler started writing his will and in it, he stated that if Eva is willing to die alongside him, he will marry her. It is evident Eva agreed to this absurd clause as on 29 April 1945, Adolf Hitler married Eva Braun. The next day the bodies of the newly married couple were found in their room. It was stated that the cause of death was poison. Their bodies were burnt as stated in Hitler’s will.

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