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5 MCU Villains That Left Fans Most Disappointed After Building Up Excitement

Nothing is more exciting than a deadlier villain each topping up the previous one. While Marvel Cinematic Universe remained faithful to its comic sources while adapting the superheroes and supervillains, fans were disappointed with few.

If anything, consistency is something that keeps the fans engaged, but there are five MCU villains that were introduced with a bang, building up excitement but ended up leaving the fans high and dry.

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5. Malekith From ‘Thor: The Dark World’


By the time Malekith was introduced, the fandom was already exhausted with the villain who wanted to destroy the world just for the sake of it. Malekith a dark elf was portrayed as a one-dimensional villain that disappointed the fans. The MCU isn’t known for having fleshed-out, realistic, developed villains, and Malekith is the perfect example.

4. Kaecilius From ‘Doctor Strange’


If portrayed well, the fans can at least sympathize with the villains, but there are few that even hard-core fans cannot stand and that includes Kaecilius. Kaecilius was the estranged student of the Ancient One and the servant of Dormammu. The villain seemed underdeveloped and simplest compared to Doctor Strange.

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3. Whiplash From ‘Iron Man 2′


The Russian scientist Ivan Vanko was the ultimate foe of Tony Stark and the only one who possessed the genius intellect of Stark. Unfortunately, Ivan Vanko lacked humanity and ended up being a big joke. Also, the fans were exhausted when Whiplash was announced as the villain for ‘Iron Man 2’.

A lot of villain build-up comes from the actor who is playing the role. Like Robert Downey Jr became a synonym for Iron Man, unfortunately, Mickey Rourke who played Whiplash fell short in his performance and to make matters worse he also demanded his character possess a pet bird.  

2. The Yellowjacket From ‘Ant-Man’


It is high time that MCU needs to get creative with their villains. The fans are weary of watching the villains possessing the same powers of hero, but only using them for a cynical purpose. Yellowjacket from ‘Ant-man’ falls into this category. Darren Cross a.ka Yellowjacket is a one-dimensional cliche evil businessman and nothing more.

1. Ironmonger From ‘Iron Man’


The ‘Iron Man’ villain, Ironmonger was the very first villain in the MCU, so it must have carried a great deal of expectation and excitement among the fans. Unfortunately, first is not always the best, making Ironmonger a very rusty and boring villain.

Throughout the movie, Obadiah Stane tries to keep Stark Industries stable, only revealing that he’s actually been trying to take Tony Stark out of the picture. Unlike Iron Man’s suit, Ironmonger’s suit felt junky pieces of mental boxes stuck together. Stane continuously reveals his tiny head from the giant armored body, giving him a humorous, truly non-threatening, and non-villainy appearance.

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