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    ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ Trailer Breakdown: Everything You Need To Know

    Marvel Studios revealed many secrets at the San Diego Comic-Con 2022. One of the many major revelations was the trailer of ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’. After the death of Chadwick Boseman, a lot of questions came up as to how the ‘Black Panther’ sequel will follow.

    Finally, the fans got an answer to this question in the trailer of the movie. The trailer also gave a more close look at Namor the Submariner. Not only that Marvel also announced that ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ will mark the end of Phase Four.

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    All About What’s Going On In Wakanda

    Stills from 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever'
    Stills from ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

    The trailer starts with the song ‘No Woman No Cry’ and we see all the Wakandans dressed in white and dancing. It looks like this scene is a funeral for T’Challa and his mother and sister grieving over his death with his sister carrying the Black Panther helmet. Also, the mural shown is proof of his death. In the trailer, Queen Ramonda declares, “I am Queen of the most powerful nation in the world, and my entire family is gone.

    The trailer also hints about T’Challa and Nakia’s unborn child. The end of the trailer focused on a new Black Panther and many are suspecting it’s none other than T’Challa’s sister Shuri. Killmonger already destroyed the heart-shaped herb in the first part but Shuri may have developed an artificial alternative to the heart-shaped herb.

    She was probably using it for the fire ritual to enter the ancestral plane to learn how to become the next Black Panther. Apparently, by using the artificial herb she might find a version of Killmonger instead of T’challa, and he will probably help her become the savior. It might explain why the suit of Black Panther looks more like Killmonger’s golden jaguar costume.

    Doctor Doom Might Be The Real Master Mind Behind All This Chaos

    Doctor Doom
    Doctor Doom

    The trailer shows Riri Williams AKA Ironheart making her own suit just like Tony Stark once did. Riri is originally an MIT student and the assumption is that Dr. Doom is using her technology to find a version of vibranium. The trailer shows a group of people on a ship searching for something allegedly vibranium underwater. This group is getting funding from Doctor Doom and allegedly using Riri Williams’ technology.

    This might be the thing that initially angers Namor. We See the Atlanteans attacking the Riri while Shuri tries to protect her. This makes Namor believe that the friend of an enemy is also an enemy leading to the huge war between Atlanteans and Wakandans. Even though they both have no bad blood. In the source material, Doctor Doom has done something similar.

    All About Namor And The Atlanteans

    Namor and the Atlanteans

    The trailer shows that the Atlanteans are originally blue in color but Namor is not. The main reason behind this is his mother was an Atlantean and his father was a human. He is shown as the first mutant in the Marvel comics and this movie may explore this.

    Namor’s birth is also allegedly featured in the trailer as we see the birth of a baby underwater. The trailer shows Namor in his god-tier avatar form with wings on his feet.

    The trailer shows that Atlanteans are a lot developed in the field of technology but as per comic books Namor hates people who live above the sea. He wants Atlantis to be a secret just like Wakanda. But due to a misunderstanding, Wakanda and Atlantis are at war.

    The trailer ends with a scene showing back of the new Black Panther, once again leaving fans in suspense.

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