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    Deadpool Stole Thanos’ Girlfriend And Got One Of His Most Absurd Superpowers Because Of That

    Oh, to be loved by death! Having all the power in the world and yet being unable to conquer everything is fate that sadly the Mad Titan walked on. Thanos acquired all six Infinity stones, managed to wipe out half the universe, and yet couldn’t satisfy Lady Death. She is a cosmic entity and the personification of Death, who often was stuck in the love triangle between Thanos and Deadpool.

    Through the multiple issues of Marvel comics and films, it is already established that Thanos is not a fan of any Marvel superheroes. But the one superhero the Mad Titan deeply and strongly despises is Deadpool for stealing away his true love – Lady Death.

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    How Did Deadpool Meet Lady Death?

    Dead and Deadpool

    Deadpool wants everything. Death takes everything! When Wade Wilson was experimented on as a part of the Weapon X Program by Dr. Killebrew in ‘Deadpool/Dead ‘98‘ he experienced near-death on many occasions. On many such occasions, he met death and developed feelings for the cosmic being. He is the only other Marvel character with the capacity to handle Lady Death. It is unclear why or how Lady Death developed such desperate love for Deadpool, but she is the only one to match his insanity and extra cheekiness. 

    What makes their love painful is the theory of the forbidden fruit and what makes it insanely interesting is Thanos’s jealousy. In Deadpool vs Thanos, Lady Death is kidnapped and caged by her twin – Eternity. That’s when Deadpool and Thanos team up – the most unlikely pair to save Death. But when they track her down she immediately turns her attention to Deadpool and calls Wade Wilson her love leading the Mad Titan to attack him. This infuriates Thanos leading him to spell a curse on Deadpool.

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    A Curse That Became A Superpower

    Thanos and Deadpool

    The Merc with a Mouth is extremely hard to kill because of his incredible healing powers. Deadpool might be one of those Marvel heroes whose most dreaded cruse became his superpower but at the cost of his love. Thanos hates him not because of his ability to fight like Thor or Captain America, but only because he stole one thing The Mad Titan will never be able to achieve – Death’s love and attention.

    Deadpool was cursed with immortality by Dark Lord Thanos when he felt threatened by Lady Death’s relationship with him and sought to separate them for eternity. Their feelings for each other were strong enough for Deadpool to want to die and be with her. Sadly, Thanos being jealous immortalized Deadpool because he wanted Death for himself.

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