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    10 Superpowers You Didn’t Know Spider-Man Had 

    Spiderman has appeared in 11 feature films, starring in countless animated and live-action TV episodes. Spider-Man is one of the few elite superheroes who are popular and easily recognizable in the red and blue suit with ejecting webs.  His popularity and iconic status haven’t faded since his character’s debut in the August 1962 issue of Amazing Fantasy.

    Always portrayed as a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, he does whatever a spider can like crawling on walls and slinging around with webs. But surprisingly Peter Parker can do a lot more than what just a spider can. Here are the 10 superpowers you don’t know Spiderman had.

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    10. Super-Healing


    Just like Deadpool and Wolverine, Spider-man has the ability to heal himself. After the events of 2005, The “Other” storyline. Spider-Man’s abilities had been permanently heightened especially his ability to heal. In the Civil War comic, Peter Parker took up massive beating from  Rhino and Jack O’Lantern resulting in blood loss and fractured bones and yet healed himself within an hour. 

    The entire genetic makeup of Peter Parker’s body had been changed for maximum health efficiency including an enhanced nervous system, skeleton, and muscular along with a perfect vision he gained after his infamous spider bite.

    9. Communication with Spiders

    Can communicate with spiders

    It is an every bug-superhero métier to communicate with their respective bugs just like Ant-man. Spider-man can telepathically communicate with spiders. Although it is not as useful as it was for Ant-man, he was even able to control the ants, which seems useless for Spider-man.

    The only time that Spider-Man’s spider communication did come in handy was during The Queen storyline, in which Spider-Man was able to communicate with every human that had an insect gene, finding out from them how to deactivate a bomb. Since then this power of his was never brought up.

    8. Increased metabolism

    Spider-man has increased matabolism

    Peter Parker has super-metabolism which is definitely one of the plus sides of being a Spider-Man. However, it is tricky to keep track of exactly how his metabolism affects certain parts of his life. This can be confirmed from various instances in comics including the one where the drugs do not have the same effect on him as humans. 

    Ironically alcohol hinders Spider-Mans’s coordination, balance, and reflexes. Other substances like poisons, toxins, high-fat food, and also a vampire bite can be crushed by Spider-Man’s super metabolism, except for alcohol. 

    7. Super Strength


    Just like Ant-Man, even Spider-Man takes his strength from an insect and he is said to have the proportional strength of a spider. Considering that he’s a human and not a tiny arachnid, his strength can be limited.

    Following the events of the Queen story arc, Spider-Mans strength increased by more than double leading him to lift 25 tons. The other instances of Peter Parker’s super-strength include his ability to leap several stories high, or across an entire city street. He is also able to run faster than a speeding car, though the reason we’ve never seen this depicted in a film is that the web-slinging just looks so cool.

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    6. Mystical Powers

    Spider-man's mystical powers

    Throughout the Spider-man comics, Peter Parker has questioned the origin of his powers. In the past, Dr. Strange has tied Spider-Man to an ancient prophecy, as well as the Lord Order and Master Chaos took credit for making the spider bite Peter Parker. Mystical powers would also explain Spider-Man infamous spider sense and his ability to detect threats in a perceived psychic manner.

    However, Peter Parker’s love for science and all things that can be explained by reason,  Spider-Man’s mystical powers have always been on the back-burner, generally tossed aside for more simple explanations involving radiation or DNA splicing.

    5. Spider Stingers


    The Other storyline is the first big Marvel crossover event in modern times and it changed Spider-Man in a lot of different ways. One of these ways is when Spider-Man is consumed by rage, allowing his spider traits to overtake his human ones.

    This resulted in Spider-Man’s eye turning into turn glowing red, he developed night vision, fanged teeth, and sharp spider stingers coated in venom. These stingers cause temporary paralysis and sometimes even death.  Although Spider-Man couldn’t control the deployment of these stingers, they seem to deploy when he was in danger. 

    4. He Can Turn Into a Man-Spider


    Actually, this may be one of Spider-Man’s more useless powers which has come up more than once. He has been known to mutate into a giant spider, doing away with his mechanical webbing in favor of organic webbing, and shedding his human body in exchange for a spider body. Essentially turning into a spider and fixing his broken bones, missing teeth, and even the eye that Morlun had ripped out of him and eaten, Spider-Man is able to heal himself, doing what Tony Stark called resetting his odometer.

    While Spider-Man did not physically turn into a spider on this occurrence, in the 1994 animated series Spider-Man, Peter Parker mutates into Man-Spider, a creature that he was unable to control even with Doctor Connors’ assistance and he ultimately had to travel to another dimension to be cured.

    3. Utility Belt

    Spider-man's utility belt

    Spider-Man is not generally the one who might think of using a utility belt. His utility belt has still been used to get him out of some sticky situations or at least it helps him get paid, because that’s where he keeps his camera.

    It is a Batman-inspired Spider-Man signal light and spider-tracers, Spider-Man utility belt is a rarely mentioned part of Spider-Man history. Mostly because a backpack would be too bulky, and a messenger bag would get in the way of his aerodynamics.

    2. Spider-Moblie


    Despite his original powers, all the additional powers seem like it was been borrowed from other superheroes. , Spider-Man followed in the steps of Batman by having his own branded super-vehicle. But why does a web-slinger need a Spider mobile amidst the New York City traffic?  According to the comics, a car company  Corona Motors offered Spider-Man the use of a new engine they wanted to promote by putting it in a Spider-Mobile car.

    Though the Spider-Mobile got off to a good start with Spider-Man, it is eventually wrecked after it’s revealed that Spider-Man has never learned how to drive. And while you’d think super-genius Peter Parker would know not to get behind the wheel without a license, he ultimately comes to his senses and regrets getting the Spider-Mobile, calling it hokey.

    1. Iron-Spider Armor

    Spiderman with mechanical spider arms

    In the events of The Other, Tony Stark creates a new suit for Spider-Man to help augment his new powers. Designed in signature stark red and gold, the costume is Stark’s design and thus includes a variety of gadgets and Iron-Man mechanical spider-arms to help Spider-Man see around corners and manipulate objects. 

    During the Civil War storyline, Spider-Man uses the suit, and the mechanical arms to fight Captain America. Other features of the suit – and thus Spider-Man’s enhanced powers – include bulletproofing, a built-in emergency scanner, and audio/video amplification. The suit also allows Spider-Man to breathe underwater, and its smart liquid metal materials allow it to shift into different shapes and even look like previous versions of Spider-Man’s costume; or even his street clothes. 

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