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    El Muerto Starring Bad Bunny Gets A Director On Board. There Is A ‘Roma’ Connection

    Marvel Studios in collaboration with Sony Pictures wanted to diversify the universe. In search of one, they stumbled upon the Latin Grammy winner artist Bad Bunny. In search of a character that fits his Latin persona well, Bad Bunny found El Muerto. It was uncertain who will helm the film, but the studio found a director for the film.

    The collaboration of Marvel with Sony Pictures had a lull with ‘Morbius.’ However, the studio has found three projects which will revive the partnership and hopefully bring commercial gains. One of them is ‘El Muerto’ starring Bad Bunny. For the project, Marvel and Sony Pictures were looking for a helmer and finally, they stopped the search after Jonás Cuarón came on board. But, there is a ‘Roma‘ connection to it!

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    Jonás Cuarón, Son Of ‘Roma’ Director To Helm Marvel’s El Muerto

    Jonás Cuarón will helm El Muerto
    Jonás Cuarón will helm El Muerto

    Marvel and Sony Pictures ended their hunt with Jonás Cuarón, who is all set to helm ‘El Muerto‘. The film will be the first live-action film by Marvel headlined by a Latin superhero. Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio aka Bad Bunny will headline the film. A little background about Jonás Cuarón is that he is the son of filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón, who directed films like ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’, ‘Children of Men’, and ‘Roma.’

    Jonás began his directorial journey with the immigration film ‘Desierto.’ The film starred Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Gael Garcia Bernal. It won the International Critics’ Award at the Toronto Film Festival in 2015. He also wrote the script for the Academy-winning film Gravity.’  Gareth Dunnet Alcocer will pen the script for this Marvel live-action.

    Marvel and Sony Pictures are ramping up the production of the collaborative projects. The other two projects that are in the pipeline include Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s starrer ‘Kraven the Hunter’ and ‘Madame Web’ starring Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney. The former is set to release on October 3, 2023, and the latter will release on February 16, 2024.

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    “It’s The Result Of My Work”: Bad Bunny Calls The Film Epic

    Bad Bunny talks about El Muerto
    Bad Bunny talks about El Muerto

    Bad Bunny is having the best time in the industry as an artist. The singer won a Grammy Award and bagged several Billboard Awards for the year 2022. The Latin artist has also starred in David Leitch’s ‘Bullet Train’ as an antagonist. He will also star opposite Camila Mendes in ‘American Sole.’ During an interview with Apple Music, he expressed his excitement about his role in ‘El Muerto.’

    He said, “It’s crazy. Sometimes, I can’t believe it yet, but it’s the result of my work. The way I am, the way I work, I’m so proud, very happy about this character, this opportunity to be the first Latino.”

    Bunny is proud of the representation of Latinos in such a huge franchise. “It’s not about ‘I’m gonna be the first Latino making a role,’ it’s gonna be about the first Latino main character, that’s the important thing. So it’s something huge, and it will be epic. I know that the people are gonna be proud about my work,” he said.

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