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    “Hopefully People Will Be Sick Of It Soon”: Jodie Foster Says The Superhero Movies Phase Lasted A Bit Longer

    Superhero fatigue is real, and it is not just the statistics; some major Hollywood celebrities are also acknowledging the fact. Martin Scorcese has rallied with his take on how the Marvel superhero movies are like amusement parks. Now, Jodie Foster, who claimed her fame in teens by starring in Scorcese’s ‘Taxi Driver’, is echoing the same sentiment.

    Jodie Foster has been active in the industry for a very long time. She played in the lap of the industry as she worked as a child artist in several films before her fame after ‘Taxi Driver’. Recently, during an interview, Jodie slammed the superhero movies, and she thinks that their phase has been much longer than it should have existed.

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    Jodie Foster Has Some Favorite Superhero Films

    Jodie Foster has some superhero favorites like 'Black Panther'
    Jodie Foster has some superhero favorites like ‘Black Panther’

    In recent times, both MCEU and DCEU have struggled to have strong stories that work for the box office and audience. Many recent releases did not do great numbers, which includes ‘The Marvels’ and ‘The Flash’. There have been many attempts to revive these superhero franchises, with Marvel even eyeing making dead characters alive.

    Now, the veteran actress and director, Jodie Foster, has given her view on superhero films. She said, “It’s a phase. It’s a phase that’s lasted a little too long for me, but it’s a phase, and I’ve seen so many different phases.”

    Jodie Foster then named some of her favorites, saying, “Hopefully people will be sick of it soon. The good ones — like ‘Iron Man,’ ‘Black Panther,’ ‘The Matrix’ — I marvel at those movies, and I’m swept up in the entertainment of it, but that’s not why I became an actor. And those movies don’t change my life. Hopefully, there’ll be room for everything else.”

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    The Actress Loved ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’

    Jodie Foster revealed that 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' opened a portal for her
    Jodie Foster revealed that ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ opened a portal for her

    At the 2023 awards season, A24’s indie film ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ made ripples. The Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huay Quan-starrer won big at the Oscars, including the ‘Best Picture’ award, and the actors swept the ‘Best Actor’ and ‘Best Actress’ awards. Now, the film has gotten the seal of approval from Jodie Foster.

    During an interview with Elle magazine, Jodie Foster shared her experience watching her favorite film of the year. She said, “The Daniels. They made my favorite movie perhaps of all time, ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’. That’s the film that I will return to over and over again whenever I feel depressed or sad.”

    Jodie Foster revealed how, after watching ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’, her son started telling things from his high school. Jodie said that the film “opened a portal of connection and understanding and hope.” She added, “He started telling me everything from his high school that he’d never told me, and we were walking in the rain crying and opening up. And I was like, ‘This is what film can do.’ ”

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