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    Is Erin Moriarty From ‘Jessica Jones’ Getting A Ticket To The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

    Erin Moriarty has etched her name into the world of comic-book adaptations with great work for her roles in both ‘The Boys’ and Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones. Though her journey with the character Hope Shlottman in ‘Jessica Jones’ came as a heartbreak for many, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) always carries a chance for her potential returns, given the history of Marvel character resurrections.

    Besides, the MCU’s exploration of multiverses and alternate timelines intensifies those chances further. Moriarty has played a character with a dark past in ‘Jessica Jones’, which gives the story writers a chance to reintroduce her character in a movie as there’s heavy scope for the story getting branched.

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    Erin Moriarty’s Character Arc In ‘Jessica Jones’ Opens Gates For Her Comeback In MCU

    Erin Moriarty in 'Jessica Jones' (Image: Getty)
    Erin Moriarty in ‘Jessica Jones’ (Image: Getty)

    After her success on ‘Daredevil’, Netflix hit ‘Jessica Jonesintroduced Erin Moriarty as Hope Shlottman. Her character was shown to be dealing with profound trauma and dark past. Her tragic fate could be her ticket to a surprising comeback or character resurrection that the MCU is popular for doing across its expansive universe.

    While the possibility of Hope Shlottman’s return remains speculative, Moriarty’s recent comments indicate that she is keen on working with Marvel again. As fans speculated about her potentially portraying Sue Storm in the MCU, Moriarty said she is so far content with her trajectory.

    I’m like… already what’s happened for me is surreal. Already what’s happened for me… this is like- this is great. Anything else is surplus,” she said, referring to her role on ‘The Boys’.

    There also are recent rumors about Vanessa Kirby’s casting as Sue Storm. However, Moriarty still remains open to potential Marvel opportunities. She has also shown a willingness to continue exploring other characters in the expansive comic-book universe.

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    Erin Hopes To Be A Part Of MCU In The Long Run

    Erin Moriarty in 'The Boys' (Image: Getty)
    Erin Moriarty in ‘The Boys’ (Image: Getty)

    Moriarty also hasn’t made an appearance in ‘The Boys’ spin-off, but she envisions a long-term relationship with the franchise. “I want to stay in this universe, in some iteration. I’d stay in it forever. But I think there would be a cool way to enter it when the time is right for our kinds of presence in that world,” she said.

    Erin Moriarty’s journey from Starlight to Hope Shlottman stands as proof of her versatility. She has done a great job at portraying complex and often dark themes prevalent in comic-book adaptations. While her MCU debut remains uncertain, Moriarty’s presence in ‘The Boys’ universe has left a lasting mark on her viewers.

    While we wait to find out if Moriarty will soon be a part of the Marvel Universe, audiences can stream ‘The Boys’ and ‘Jessica Jones, available on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix respectively.

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