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    Is Wanda Maximoff Dead In ‘Agatha All Along’? Show’s Recently Released Trailer Sparks Speculation

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to add another gem of a show to its series on Disney+ called ‘Agatha All Along‘. The first official trailer of the show has dropped and it has already created havoc among the fans.

    One of the biggest mysteries revolving around the recently released trailer is Wanda Maximoff’s fate. Fans are questioning if she is dead or alive. While there were high hopes among fans about her return, the trailer seemingly killed off all those expectations. Here’s what the trailer suggests and what it could mean for the show.

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    What Happens To Wanda In ‘Agatha All Along’s Trailer?

    Agatha All Along Wanda

    The trailer for the upcoming WandaVision’ spin-off show hints at her death in ‘Doctor Strange 2′. This also happens to be the first MCU project to state the following event in the history of the franchise. With the trailer of ‘Agatha All Along‘ teasing Wanda’s death, it also creates some hope for the return of the Scarlet Witch.

    Played by Elizabeth Olsen, the character Scarlet Witch comes from the world of witches and demons. There is a fair possibility that Wanda has left the world of living and has created a life in the world of witches. Moreover, it is difficult to track the witches in the world of magic, hence it’s difficult to detect Wanda.

    Another interesting possibility is Agatha working her magic to bring Wanda back to life. Marvel wouldn’t end the story of such a powerful character like this. However, it also largely depends on actress Elizabeth Olsen’s willingness to return for the role.

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    Why Aren’t Fans Convinced Of Wanda’s Death?

    Agatha All Along

    Wanda has always been powerful and it’s hard to believe that she might die. Besides, many have pointed out that her body wasn’t shown inside the collapsed temple in ‘Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness’. When a character’s body is not shown in the film, they are likely to have survived further in the narrative.

    The only thing the audience saw was a burst of red magic, which hints at the possibility of her survival in the collapse. Besides, Wanda’s character had a great storyline for a traumatic superhero plot, opening up several possibilities that the show creators can use to enhance her storyline.

    It is likely that Scarlet Witch will also have a redemption arch in the upcoming movies. Fans are hoping for her character to be developed and incorporated more into further MCU projects. If Wanda is alive, she is also hoped to return in the ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’.

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