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    Will Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch Return in ‘Agatha All Along’?

    The most popular thematic aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the making of a movie are the plot twists, the appearance of new characters, and, of course, the unexpected return of already-portrayed superheroes. The viewers are therefore often at the edge of their seats for any unexpected surprises.

    Within the Marvel staking community, some of the big questions people have about future works are related to Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch and her possible return in the series Agatha All Along, a highly anticipated project.

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    The Legacy Of Scarlet Witch

    Elizabeth Olsen
    Elizabeth Olsen

    Since her introduction to Marvel, Elizabeth Olsen has impeccably portrayed Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch. Arguably with one of the most engaging character arcs in the franchise, Scarlet Witch’s character reached its peak in the masterfully received series ‘Wanda Vision‘.

    Apart from Wanda’s grief and suffering, the series also depicted her monumental and often out-of-control abilities. Wanda was in quite an ambiguous state by the end of the show after she came to terms with being Scarlet Witch and going into self-exile to study her powers further.

    ‘Agatha All Along‘ spinoff from ‘Wanda Vision‘ is focused on Kathryn Hahn’s witch Agatha Harkness, who previously revealed herself as the true villain of the series. The show had an unforgettable theme song and an amazing performance by Hahn, which turned Agatha into one of the viewers’ favorites.

    The future series is expected to show Agatha’s history, and what she wanted from Wanda Vision. Since Agatha and Wanda have a great friendship, the rumors of Scarlet Witch’s return make more sense.

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    Potential Plot Connections In ‘Agatha All Along’

    Agatha All Along
    Agatha All Along

    Agatha and Wanda’s characters already shared a bond because of the magical powers and events experienced in ‘Wanda Vision‘. Chances are high that Agatha will cross paths with Wanda again, especially given her curiosity about Wanda’s powers and the mystical book called ‘Dark Hold‘.

    The idea of ’Agatha All Along’ is also likely to be centered around Agatha’s perception of Scarlet Witch’s foretelling and her plan to harness Wanda’s powers. This further is a plausible connection that could make it easy to bring back Elizabeth Olsen’s character.

    Elizabeth Olsen has been both enthusiastic and measured when it comes to her MCU future. She has expressed considerable love for the journey of her character, but has also hinted at ways of coming up with the right story to continue the progression of Wanda. Olsen’s return is likely to depend on how ‘Agatha All Along’ will be written, and whether or not it would align with the series continuation for Wanda.

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