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    “Does He Have Blonde Hair?”: ‘The Boys’ Actor Anthony Starr Is Clueless About DCU’s Booster Gold

    The rumors are swirling for the upcoming DC. Recently, fans went into overdrive after noticing James Gunn, co-CEO of DC Studios, started following actor Antony Starr on social media. 

    Starr, best known for his chilling portrayal of the blonde-haired sociopath Homelander in The Boys,’ was immediately linked to the role of Booster Gold, a charismatic DC hero with a distinct golden mane. However, this might not be the case at all. 

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    Anthony Starr Shrugs Off Booster Gold Casting Rumors

    Anthony Starr as Homelander and Booster Gold
    Anthony Starr as Homelander and Booster Gold

    In a recent interview on theHappy Sad Confused‘ podcast, Starr threw cold water on the speculation, revealing he’s not only unfamiliar with Booster Gold but also a little burnt out on superhero action. Additionally, his response to Josh Horowitz asking about the Booster Gold rumors was a delightful mix of amusement and confusion. 

    He playfully admitted to being clueless about the character, asking, “Does he have blonde hair? Because apparently, that’s all they care about in Hollywood these days!” This lighthearted response highlights the often-shallow nature of casting rumors. Moreover, Starr also expressed some honest reservations about taking on another superhero role.  

    He’s poured his heart and soul into portraying Homelander, a character who walks a dark and twisted path. The prospect of another action-packed superhero gig seems less appealing at the moment “I’m getting old for all this flying around stuff. Maybe I’ll stick to grounded drama for a while,” Starr commented.

    This raises an interesting point. Actors, even those who find success in superhero roles, crave variety. However, his comment could also be interpreted as a subtle way to distance himself from the Booster Gold rumors without completely shutting the door. 

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    So, Will Starr Suit Up As Booster Gold? 

    Anthony Starr and Booster Gold
    Anthony Starr and Booster Gold

    The answer, for now, is a resounding “maybe.” Starr’s lack of familiarity with the character and his superhero fatigue suggests a certain reluctance.  However, the ever-evolving nature of Hollywood, coupled with the potential for a truly compelling Booster Gold portrayal, could change his mind. 

    Starr’s lack of familiarity with the character and his superhero fatigue suggests a certain reluctance. Booster Gold is a man from the future who is a washed-up athlete who time-travels to the present day to become a hero. 

    Additionally, he has both, egoistical motives and genuine heroism, and that makes him quite unique and, maybe, even a humorous addition to the lot of the DC universe. Imagine a self-promoting Iron Man with a thing for holograms and a thirst for fame. That’s Booster Gold in a nutshell.

    Moreover, even if Starr doesn’t take the mantle of Booster Gold, the character’s potential for a standalone film or series remains bright. Additionally, with his unique blend of humor and heroism, Booster Gold could be a breath of fresh air in the often-serious superhero landscape. And hey, maybe down the line, Starr will reconsider and decide to bring his signature intensity to the role, blonde hair or not. 

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