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    James Gunn’s ‘Superman’ To Feature Christopher Reeve’s Son In A Special Cameo

    James Gunn‘s Superman is honoring one of the OG actors to play the muscular hero on screen, in one of the best ways possible. Superman actor Christopher Reeve‘s son Will Reeve is all set to star in the latest Gunn project starring David Corenswet.

    Gunn’s latest project has been the talk of the town after set photos were leaked and everyone collectively agreed that Corenswet has been the best choice for the role. Regardless, here’s everything you need to know about Will Reeve’s role in ‘Superman‘.

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    Which Role Is Will Reeve Playing In ‘Superman’?

    Will Reeve on the set of 'Superman'
    Will Reeve on the set of ‘Superman’

    Christopher Reeve’s ‘Superman‘ was one of the most loved portrayals of the superhero which led to his greatest commercial success. His youngest son, Will Reeve, who is a journalist and a correspondent for ABC News will now appear in the upcoming DC Studios film as a TV reporter.

    Reeve’s arrival on set during a key sequence was among the behind-the-scenes action that local reporters in Cleveland, Ohio, captured for publications during the film’s filming.

    Fans applauded this inclusion in the film and that it’s a wonderful way to pay tributes to Reeve who did a commendable job as Superman and still remains one of the most loved actors to put on the red cape.

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    James Gunn’s Ambitious Project ‘Superman’

    David Corenswet as Superman
    David Corenswet will play the superhero

    The Superman storyline is being kept under wraps as of now, but many hints and revelations have helped fans get an idea of the film.

    It is a given that the film will not follow an origin tale. Rather, the emphasis will be on the way a teenage Clark Kent, living with his adoptive family in Smallville, Kansas, reconciles his Kryptonian origin with his “normal” life as an emerging reporter for The Daily Planet. Lex Luthor, the film’s primary antagonist, will likewise be heavily featured, according to Gunn.

    The film is set to release in July 2025.

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